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The Key To The Happiness Mantra

The Key To The Happiness Mantra


Sukhbir would let children and dogs create a ruckus all over the mansion, even though they dirtied it. He never stopped them.

By Rhituparna Chakraborty

Singh Mansion had everything. Right from Ducati Bikes to BMW and Mercedes cars and even a Ferrari. The immaculate pool, the sprawling lawns, the vivid flowers – all made the mansion an impressive place. Sukhbir was unhappy. He wanted people around him. He wanted happiness. What was happiness for Sukhbir? The answer was not so simple. Living in this lavish house never made him happy. He had all the comforts here, but they didn’t cheer him.

In and around the mansion, he could not find human dwellings. So, every morning he would go out for a walk. On the way, sometimes, he came across street dogs. He gave them food and brought them home. Somehow the dogs were fascinated by the luxury cars. Sukhbir would let them sit there. Sometimes he would take the dogs for a drive. The dogs would mess up the cars. That never mattered to Sukhbir. The presence of the dogs made him happy.

Sometimes he would bring some little children who play on the streets. The children would go ga ga over the swimming pool, the lawn, the bikes, the cars. Sukhbir would let the kids swim in the pool. Sometimes there would be mayhem in the mansion, because the kids would fight amongst themselves. To cheer them up and bring them to a truce, Sukhbir sometimes had to take them on long drives in those lush grand cars. The white Porsche was the all time favourite car of the kids. They would jump inside the car, scream, yell and eat there. The divine smiles of the kids would comfort Sukhbir’s soul.

Before coming to this mansion Sukhbir only knew hatred and anger. After spending time here with the children, the street dogs, the cats and other animals, his soul could smile with solace. The happiness that he felt in the last six months could not be expressed in words. The most expensive cars lost their luster. They started stinking. The pool looked like a dirty sink. But Sukhbir never felt bad. He was happy. In these six months he understood what happiness was.

After six months he thought it was high time for him to leave. He knew life probably would not be the same anymore. But the joy he had accumulated in these six months was enough to last him a lifetime. After packing his bags, he turned around to look at the mansion. It was filled with leftovers of food. The swimming pool had food waste and pee all over. The BMW car had dents because the little kids loved jumping in there. The black Mercedes became white with scratches. He knew repairing these things would call for a herculean amount of money. But he was happy. He was happy because the very sight brought serenity to his mind.

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Sukhbir left with a mind full of bliss and euphoria. He had not received his salary from Raghuveer Singh for a year. Despite begging, all he heard was, ‘One month more and I will pay you the entire amount’. Sukhbir was single, and was provided with food and lodging in the mansion. He continued working for Raghuveer. But, now, he had had enough. Raghuveer had asked Sukhbir to stay in the mansion and maintain it well for his arrival. Sukhbir did what he had to. Whatever money Raghuveer owed him, he did not need that now. The Singh Mansion, the cars, the bikes, everything is wrecked and crushed. Sukhbir got what he wanted…a sweet revenge and a peaceful soul.

#Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction with no relation to any person/organism living or dead. Every episode, every character is a work of imagination. Any resemblance to any person, organism, place or character is purely coincidental. There is no intention to hurt or rebuke anyone through this work. This story/episode cannot be copied, published or reproduced without the permission of the author Rhituparna Chakraborty.


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