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Reincarnation of the two brothers Lucas and Kai who fought to death

This a fictional story where the narrator meets two young boys who were similar to Lucas and Kai who died fighting 10 years earlier. Are they reincarnations?  

“Is this a case of reincarnation? …” Such a thought came to my mind yesterday. Why? Well we need to go back in time.

10 years before the reincarnation…

When the tiger used to smoke, there lived two friends, Lucas and Kai. Lucas was dumb & eccentric, while Kai was smart & talented. Both of them wanted to join the police force and serve humanity with all their might. Lucas considered Kai his best friend but Kai was jealous if Lucas did better than him.

When they were about five years old, a group of people with evil intentions emerged in the land. They claimed to bring a different kind of peace on earth by conquering the world and making people their slaves. They had peculiar habits. They had tamed anacondas and could speak to animals. They also knew hypnotism and were excellent in martial arts. They had a scotopic vision and their eyes glowed like fiery red.

Rumors were thick that they were not born of humans. Legend has it that while ploughing a field, a farmer chanced upon eight eggs that were about 25cm in diameter. Those eggs were broken as they hit the edge of the plough. He found babies inside those eggs who looked like humans. He decided to adopt them.

When they were grown-ups, one day the farmer was bitten by a poisonous snake. He passed away. Since then, a strange feeling developed within them and this resulted in the formation of that group. The mere mention of their names brought fear into people’s minds.

As days passed, an eminent member of the gang, John, quit because he was betrayed. After leaving the group, he happened to meet Lucas and Kai and was soon influenced by their ideology. He could notice a spark in their eyes. So, he decided to train them and with their help, he thought he could drive away the evil group. Under the supervision of John, both Lucas and Kai kept on learning various types of martial arts. Lucas was doing even better than Kai, but the latter couldn’t tolerate it.

One day, Kai happened to come in contact with the evil group. The members of the group knew that Kai was jealous of Lucas and wanted to use him. They brain-washed him, urging him to train harder and defeat Lucas. 

When Lucas came to know Kai joined that group, he tried his best to convince him as he didn’t want his best friend to choose the wrong path. But Kai was adamant and said he was irritated by Lucas’ dominance. Kai wanted to change the world so that he could rule. Lucas was even engaged in a fight with him to prevail over, but all went in vain.

Since then, Lucas vowed to stop Kai and bring peace to the world. Lucas resolved to train himself hard every day. Soon, he acquired mighty power and finally joined the police force where I met him. 

Oh! I completely forgot to introduce myself. I am Erica, a police sub-inspector; I used to work under Lucas, the police inspector. We were working together to tame that group. Very soon, one of our informers was able to track the gang’s location. On reaching there, Lucas suddenly went into a sort of fit because he met Kai after so many years. 

Kai by then, had killed the group’s leader and became the strongest one among the members. Kai was looking for an opportunity to murder Lucas and prove his worth as a ruler of the world.

But destiny had something else written for them.

Both Kai and Lucas were engaged in a fierce fight and gradually moved to a desolate mountain part where I had already planted a bomb under a cliff. During the terrible fight, Kai lost his right eye, and Lucas his right hand. An injured Kai urged Lucas to surrender as the fight would be useless because life would continue to flourish and there would be no peace. But an adamant Lucas replied that he would at any cost, bring peace no matter what might happen to him.

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As planned, Lucas whistled and I immediately triggered the blast into the cliff. Even as they were falling, Kai claimed he would be reborn to destroy peace. Lucas said he would equally take birth as many times as Kai would, to stop him in his destructive mission. This way both vowed for reincarnation. 

When police thoroughly searched through the debris for their bodies, nothing was found. After several days, however, the bodies were found buried under the soil. It was nothing but a miracle as the bodies were not rotten at all. It seem as if they were sleeping together, not dead!

And now…. 

Ten years have passed since then. Yesterday, I found two children, aged around ten, almost resembling Kai and Lucas, hotly arguing on a queer subject. I tiptoed close and was immediately shocked; it was the same old topic that Kai and Lucas used to debate and fight over.

I was left almost speechless; how could it be possible? Are they back? Is this a case of reincarnation? As both of them vowed for reincarnation, or am I hallucinating? The kids vanished thereafter and I have so far found no trace of them. 



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