The Seductive East

Somewhere in Manipur

That India is a magical country has been noted for millennia by the Chinese and the Greeks, Arabs (broadly speaking) and Western travelers in general. But of the entire country, the most seductive is the east, which subsumes the northeast, a conglomeration of 11 states.

And yet, this huge region has not often been part of the ‘country’. The entire swath of area was in and out of the political boundaries even under Mughal rule, the most expansive geo-political entity at one time in the entire world. This region has been treated as the backwaters and hinterland for exploiting for its massive resources. Both natural and human resources.

Myths have been built around us to justify this exploitation.

As a result, it has been hidden from public eye, neglected, tortured, pillaged and ruined, leading to various insurgencies. Today the stereotype that the national media is most comfortable with is this ‘strife-ridden, violent’ region. But that is a miniscule part of the story!

There is need to clear this wronged image and showcase the splendor of this entire region in all its social and cultural splendour. Politics is pervasive, but we go beyond politics, cutting the clutter of daily hard news.

We bring you a platter who’s every bit you will savour with every article you read from us.

We thus bring you the East India Story…



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