Bihu - then and Now

Bihu – Then, Now and In-Between

She is back. Back with the history of the festival of Bihu and the way it is celebrated now the present day. East India Story welcomes back Dr. Monideepa Das with this…

Author of the Fortnight

Nandini Sen Das

Nandini. The lady who loves reading, travelling, dancing, and gardening was born in the old, romantic Guwahati, now the capital city of the northeastern state of Assam.Her addiction, after being a biotech researcher, is science writing. Now she resides in the tech capital of India, Bengaluru. Hubby and two daughters make up her personal life. And by Jove, can she write stories about theromance of the northeast!


Bou Bhaat - hand in hand

Bou Bhaat!

The author Pallav Chatterjee narrates a beautiful story of the pledge of the man to his newly wed bride “Aami tomaar bhaat kapod-er bhaar puro jeebon nebaar protigya kori” (I pledge to…