Aabir Roy

Aabir is a Grade 10 student residing in Malaysia. For him, other than listening to his favourite music artists, nothing could compare to reading a fresh new novel on his Kindle, with the likes of Anthony Doerr, Agatha Christie and F. Scott Fitzgerald taking the cake endlessly. His hobbies include playing the piano and the violin, writing short stories, and experimenting with computers & electronics.

Adhiraj Kashyap

Adhiraj Kashyap is professionally a filmmaker, currently studying Film Direction and Screenplay Writing at FTII. A few of his short stories have been published in a bunch of national and international magazines, such as “In Parentheses” , “Indian Ruminations”, “The Universal Journal”, “East India Story” etc.

Alfinaz Hassan

Alfinaz Hassan is a twelve year old girl, Grade 7 student residing in Assam, India. She is a young artist, writer, poet, a strong critic, and wanderlust. She loves meeting people and learns different cultures.

Ambica Gulati

A journalist and a blogger, Ambica has learned that the journey of life is full of hiccups. A happy soul, she finds solace in writing and photography. You can read her stories on

Amit Kumar Das

Amit hails from the industrial town of Kulti in Barddhaman district and has settled in Kolkata for the past 25 years, He works as an Assistant Director in Tollywood and has for the past decade or so assisting famous Bengali filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly, especially in films like “Apur Panchali” and “Bisharjan”. His passion is acting and writing

Amit Kumar

AK describes himself as a fellow journeyman. So far in his 30 years of work, he’s been a communication coach, organisational development consultant, journalist, and learning specialist. He’s now immersed in exploring the wilderness, and providing employability training in rural and peri-urban areas.

Anand Sachin

Anand Sachin is a student of philosophy currently pursuing Mphil in Cinema Studies in JNU, New Delhi. His area of interst include philosophy of shamanism, roots of tribal cultural philosophy. Heartfelt traveller, he finds inspiration in far away places from home; yet holds a passionate nostalgia for Home.

Ananya Das (Goon)

A die hard fan of detective thrillers and a passionate reader and a plant lover, Ananya spends her time between family, friends and sky gazing. And very often she dreams of a world full of peace, love and happiness.

Anindita Acharya

Anindita has been a journalist for more than 12 years, having worked with The Telegraph, Hindustan Times, The Times of India and Eastern Chronicle. A tea addict, when not watching films or web series, she is planning her next trip. Most of the time, she is bringing on friends.

Anubhav Das

Anubhav is a student of class 11 who is interested in creative writing, filmmaking and photography. He has taken up humanities and aspires to be a screenwriter.

Dr. Archita Bhatta

Archita specialises in science communication, and in this series she has created for children, she uses three fictional characters, Hanuman, a bit of an imp, his elder sister Kiran and Professor Tung Tang, a scientist who meddles in musical instruments.

Arnab Banerjee

Arnab has been a journalist and a keen film enthusiast, and has worked with some of the leading national dailies like Times of India, Hindustan Times and Mail Today. He has been a business journalist and later focussed on features specialising in stories on music, films, music & film personalities; art, culture, books, and social issues.

Arunita Ganguly

Arunita is a curious teenager who takes a keen interest in photography, music and technology. She values knowledge and loves analyzing to form opinions. She sticks to her values and ethics but likes getting to know more perspectives to ensure proper progress. She loves her country and her people and strives to create a better and successful self so that she can help society and her people in the right way.

Bani Sarmah

Apart from her interest in reading biographies of famous personalities, Bani Sarmah is also passionate in trying out traditional recipes from Assam. She loves gardening and keeps herself busy with home decor and sewing as well. Exploring her passion for cooking she has decided to share her culinary secrets with the world.

Basudhara Roy

Basudhara Roy is a poet, academic and faculty of English at Karim City College affiliated to Kolhan University, Chaibasa. Her latest work is featured in Madras Courier, Lucy Writers Platform, Berfrois, Gitanjali and Beyond, The Aleph Review and Yearbook of Indian English Poetry 2020-21, among others.

Bhumika R

A Ph.D from JNU, New Delhi, Bhumika P. taught English in Surana College, Bangalore and IIT Jammu. She has also contributed articles to Cafe DissensusEveryday, The Hindu and Deccan Herald. She loves to write poetry and short fiction in English and some of her poems have been published in the Visual Verse, platocavesonline; her short story ‘Nameless’ has been published in the borderlessjournal. Bhumika is currently an assistant professor in the school of humanities at Shiv Nadar University, Bangalore.

Biswajit Jha

Biswajit is a journalist-turned-social entrepreneur, columnist, and author. His book ‘Bike Ambulance Dada’ will be published by Penguin India very soon. In 2019 he went to the Chinese capital Beijing to perform Durga Puja as a priest.

Chandrani Roy Choudhury

Chandrani Roy ChoudhuryChandrani loves exploring different parts of the world and the uniqueness of lands and their cultures. Her passion to explore manifests itself in the beautiful artefacts she creates…in the form of metal mural, mosaic and stained-glass paintings which adorns the wall of her house

Chayanchit Das

Chayan an engineer by profession, is a die hard R.D Burman fan and lives by his music and creative genius. He has been performing R.D songs since his high school days and goes live on stage as for many social media platforms. He had also cut his first music album "Pehla Pehla" in the early 2000 along with Bollywood singer Mahalakshmi Iyer. He lives with his family in Bangalore.

Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha

Dr. Purkayastha is a Professor of Strategy and the Director of the world-class IBS Case Research Center. The AACSB-accredited ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad is one of the world’s leading case publishing schools, with more than 6,500 cases, that are used in classroom and online modes.

Doel Nath

A nerdy Bengali who loves books, anime, art, gardening and learning as much as she can about everything in the world. Having been a student of the Japanese language for many years, she's passionate about Japanese literature and making art, and deals with life's problems with a generous dose of dark humour.

Gankhu Sumnyan

Gankhu Sumnyan teaches English at W. R. Govt. College, Deomali, Arunachal Pradesh. His book of poetry `Old Friends' Parade’ was shortlisted for Satish Verma Young Writers Award 2015. Four of his poems were also published by Indian Literature magazine in 2015. His short story "Caring" was published by Cafe Dissensus Magazine in March 2020.

Genuica Majaw

Hailing from the beautiful hills of Meghalaya, Genuica did her MA on Folkloristics and English Literature from the North-Eastern Hills University. Her interest in culture, traditions, myths and everything that falls under the umbrella of folklore arose out of her love for her own culture as well as a pinch of curiosity. A lover of nature, cats, metal music and the cosmos.

Joy (Sirshendu)

Joy (Sirshendu), an engineering grad, had his schooling in Shillong before moving to Bangalore. After a couple of decades of excitement and monotony alternately of the corporate world, he has now moved to an NGO that focuses on education-to-employment programs for the deserving and underprivileged college students. Joy is an avid traveller and is the co-author of the book -“Faith” in journeys: 20 places that tuned our beliefs.

Joydeep Hazarika

Joydeep is a Guwahati based journalist. He has done his graduation from Hans Raj College and his masters in journalism from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia. Also an illustrator and a musician, Joydeep takes keen interest in the politics and culture of Northeast India and the surrounding region. He is currently working on his first novel.

Kshama Dhir

Kshama is a chartered accountant by profession but she feels there is more to human life beyond numbers. A wanderer by heart, she likes observing human behaviour and connected the dots. An amateur writer, her writings are mainly based on her personal interactions and experiences. You can also read Kshama's blogs at

Lina Krishnan

Lina Krishnan is a poet and abstract artist based in Auroville. She has a chapbook of nature verse with the Blank Rune Press, Melbourne. Her work has been included in literary journals, arts magazines and in eight diverse collections of poetry.

Lincon De

Lincon De

A Guwahatian by birth and in his heart, Lincon is an avid traveller, deeply in love with the northeast, especially Assam and its rich cuisine and culture . A corporate professional, he regales in weaving real life incidents into throbbing portrayals, with both words and visuals, and makes the reader feel as much a part of his own sojourn

Lipokmenla Ao

Lipokmenla Ao is a student with an MA degree in Literature from NEHU, Shillong. She was consecutively published under the National 'Wingword Poetry Prize' (2018-19) for her poems "Home" and "The Solitary Man." Apart from writing poetry, she has a deep love for story writing. She currently works as a freelance writer for an NGO based in Sri Lanka, "WeForUs."

Manjulaa Shirodkar

Manjulaa Shirodkar (nee Negi) is an established film critic and author, having worked in leading national publications. She is also a Film Selection Committee member for various film festivals.

Monica Bhattacharya

A research Scholar in English of NEHU, Monica is enthusiastic about writing. Her essays have been published in Cafe Dissensus, Eastern Panorama and Elsewhere besides being a content writer. She loves tea, and believes in loving God and serving

Dr. Monideepa Das

Dr. Monideepa Das, with a Post-Graduate degree in Medicine from Assam Medical College Dibrugarh, she is a Physician by profession and a homemaker by choice. Penning down thoughts, ideas, experiences and travelogues is her passion. Travelling and cooking are her other deep interests.

Moushumi Dev

Born in the Land of Clouds, Shillong, Moushumi grew up in Guwahati , nurturing a passionate dream to travel far and beyond the geographical boundaries . A Post Graduate from Delhi University and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad, she has worked in many an MNC. Gifted with an artistic bent of mind, which she inherited genetically, Moushumi is now keen to pursue those dreams which she cherished to fulfill, but never had the time while managing work, home and family.

Mousomi Chakravorty

Mousomi, a humanist, nature lover, mum and loves reading newspapers and scientific magazines. She has got an active interest in microbes mainly bacteria and viruses. Coming from a multicultural family, she loves meeting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Mr. K. K. Muktan

Mr. K. K. Muktan is a retired Meghalaya Civil Service (MCS) -turned-author. Mr. Muktan is deeply interested in the dynamics of Indian culture, especially of the Gorkha community in India. Mr. Muktan has authored a number of books such as –The Legendary Gorkhas, The Gorkhas in the Freedom Struggle of India, and The Comprehensive History of the Nepalis in Northeast India(in three volumes) to name a few.

Nabanita Sengupta

An assistant professor for over a decade, NabanitaSengupta is also a translator and creative writer. She holds a PhD in English and has been published in various anthologies, e-zines and journals. Her latest published books are Chambal Revisited (translation), A Bengali Lady in England (translation), and Understanding Women's Experiences of Displacement (co-edited). She has also authored an e-book of fiction, The Ghumi Days.

Nandini Sen Das

Nandini. The lady who loves reading, travelling, dancing, and gardening was born in the old, romantic Guwahati, now the capital city of the northeastern state of Assam.Her addiction, after being a biotech researcher, is science writing. Now she resides in the tech capital of India, Bengaluru. Hubby and two daughters make up her personal life. And by Jove, can she write stories about theromance of the northeast!

Nona Walia

Nona Walia, is an accomplished writer and journalist, certified on Science of well-being from the Yale University. She runs a Wellness Channel on YouTube and has earlier worked for TOI for long 24 years as a Senior Assistant Editor. Nona is also one of India's top well-being and mental health experts, and an acclaimed writer for Thrive Global. Her book , ‘The Art of Mental Toughness: Survival Lessons from the Pandemic’ has been lauded by Amazon in the bestseller category, 2021.

Pallav Chatterjee

A management consultant based out of Gurgaon, Pallav is a gold medalist in Business Studies from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Having spent two decades of professional life in the field of automobiles, he often loves to unwind himself through his pen and his camera.


Partha Pratim Sharma

Partha Pratim Sharma is based in Mangaldai, a small town and district headquarter of Darrang. He is a sustainable designer, artist, traveller and a farmer. He is known for his exemplary work on magazine designs, but has now settled to work in his studio, which hes designed in Assam-type architecture

Pooja Chawla

A post graduate in English, loves nature and music. Pooja enjoys to express her thoughts into words. Facing struggle with a smile led her to a decision to change the regressive thinking for betterment of future generation girls.

Prasanta Paul

The author has served no less than Al Jazeera and German TV, and India’s Parliamentarian magazine among others! To his credit goes a deep-rooted empathy for social issues and humans. He has wide experience in covering the northeast of India. His coverage on the 2020 Amphan cyclone in eastern India has easily been the best around the world

Priyasha Bhattacharjee

Priyasha is an astrologer by profession, a foodie to the core, a shutki maachh ‘proselytiser’ , a mother of two beautiful souls, and the lead chef in her house. Singing and writing her dearly held hobbies. She writes to us from Bangalore

Purabi Sen

Septuagenarian Purabi Sen, a retired Central Government employee from Shillong, (Meghalaya) now settled in Bangalore, has been passionate about penning poems, stories “or anything that catches my fancy”, as she says. Many of her creations were published in Bengali or English in different Durga Puja journals or magazines. Her book of Bengali poems, 'Orchid', was launched in 1997 from Kolkata Book fair.

Rajat Ganguly

Rajat Ganguly is an electronic engineer and has led business development across industry verticals like manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, defense & Government in East India and five SAARC countries. Currently AWS as Region Lead North & East - State & Local Govt., his personal passion is writing.

Ratnadip Choudhury

A software architect by profession, Ratnadip Choudhury is currently based in Bangalore. Reading is his foremost passion. Other avocations include photography, writing, translation, tai chi. He is an avid traveller. Recently he scripted a documentary for East India Story.

Dr. Rekha M Shangpliang

Dr. Rekha M Shangpliang is Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, NEHU, Shillong. Her specialization includes Sociology of Environment, Gender, Family and Kinship. She has 3 books to her credit and has a number of articles published in National and International journals. Some notable contributions are her work on Matriliny, Forest and Khasi, Gender and livelihood interventions etc.

Rhituparna Chakraborty

Rhituparna is a content developer and soft skills trainer. An ardent fan of diaspora writers like JhumpaLahiri, she has written around 199 stories so far, some of which have been published in The Sentinel. She writes a blog

Rishi Barua

Rishi Barua is an eminent sculptor, painter and photographer, currently teaching as a professor at Kala Bhavan, Vishva Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Rishi and his wife, Sheema Barua, also a renowned painter, live in Shantiniketan. Rishi is a scion of the illustrious Gauripur Barua princely family.


Rishita is living her dreams by studying design in MIT ADT. She is an animal lover and loves photography. She also jots down thoughts in her mind occasionally.

Ritika Kochhar

Ritika Kochha writes on art and culture and is the author of Weapons of Kalki - a fantasy series based on mythology.

Ruma Roy

Mrs Roy is a home maker who makes the home a home where food is served with an extra flavor called love. Exploring recipes she has innovation with almost everything, making all her dishes extraordinary.

Chef Sandeep Das

Sandeep is a food enthusiast. His passion for cooking encouraged him to become a chef. A graduate from IHM, Guwahati, Sandeep is a winner of numerous cooking competitions and founder of foodlovers332 page on Facebook and Instagram and a Food columnist on different newspaper- magazines.

Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh lives in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. He stays clear of politics, sports or regular curricular studies, but loves learning varied issues. His personal romance is theatre. Now 61, he has worked in various embassies and private organisations, but ploughs himself back into acting whenever he can. His latest book is titled “Theatre in the Districts and Suburbs”

Saptajit Sen

Saptajit is a teenager who enjoys creative writing from a very early age. Though he's an aspiring doctor but has a great passion for literature and writes short, romance touched poetry mostly in free verse. He also takes great interest in painting and understanding the depths of human psychology.

Saptarshi Chowdhury

Presently pursuing his under graduation in Statistics from St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, Saptarshi has equal affinity towards both literature and data, the reason why he believes that both go very beautifully hand in hand.

Sashi Sherpa

Sashi hails from Sikkim. She is now working as a professional with a travel and hospitality business organisation as its General Manager. She revels in writing as a passion. Her novel on social life is being readied

Dr Saumya Shankar Choudhury

Dr. Chowdhury is an avid writer, who in his professional life is a medico for the past 20 years, currently with a Central government Public Sector Undertaking. His first anthology of short stories, Barak To Doyang, was published by the National Library, Guwahati, in 2012. Besides writing, he has a keen interest in music.

Shalini Kala

Shalini Kala

Shalini learnt to enjoy cooking at a mature age by which time she had gained many other experiences particularly through her work in agriculture and rural development. Her writing is an attempt to mix lessons from her cooking experiments with those from life in general.

Shillpi A Singh

Shillpi is a New Delhi-based freelance journalist, who mostly writes to while away her time and, at times, to explore the devilry of her idle mind, on anything and everything that tickles her grey matter.

Shital Pradhan

The author is currently a school teacher by profession, though he started off as a journalist. He is a well-known blogger on Sikkim since 2007. He enjoys photography, collecting autographs, stamps, coins, banknotes, and even matchboxes! He plans to set up a museum in his hometown, Singtam, Sikkim, to display his passion

Shruti Bhattacharjee

Shruti Bhattacharjee

Shruti is a teacher of English literature in Kolkata. A bibliophile, she specially loves to read about history and ancient art and architecture, a passion that has been passed on to her from her father.

Sid Ghosh

Sid is a dangerous addict… films, theatre, music, food, graphics, comics… name it and he is into it. His dreams are as wide as the sky. Blue, without suffering the blues. Chirpy, open, with a clear idea of sensing what a prospective client would find to be most comfortable with, he has a long list of organisations he has worked and what have you. His alchemy is a must concoction that readers will find exhilarating as they go along.

Somali Purkayastha

Born in Purulia, brought up in Dhanbad and now settled in Hyderabad, Somali is an MBA by education. She has worked as a customer service professional, and currently works in a real estate firm. She loves travelling and meeting people. Somali writes occasionally on topics that are close to her heart.

Somashis Gupta

A devoted foodie with keen interest in wild life, music, cinema and travel Somashis has evolved over time . Being an enthusiastic reader he has recently started making occasional contribution to write-ups.

Soumyadeep Das

Soumyadeep is from Guwahati, Assam. An engineering graduate turned student of journalism, he wants to travel, try different cuisines and meet new people, all in search of a story. He is also a football freak and likes to read a good book or watch a good film from time to time. At 24, he is still finding his feet in this world, living by the motto: “learn as you grow”.

Sreemati Mukherjee

Sreemati is a Professor in the Department of Performing Arts at Presidency University. A Fulbright Visiting Lecturer Fellow to the Department of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University in the Fall of 2011, she works in the areas of Feminist Theory, Narrative Studies, Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Performance and Theatre Studies.

Subhadeep Banerjee

Subhadeep is a scientist by profession, who also has a flair for creative writing. He is an associate professor of chemistry at BITS PILANI Goa. His debut historical fiction novel THE HIDDEN PATRIOT is available on amazon and has been well-received and reviewed positively by readers.

Subho Das

Subho is a communication professional and former journalist based in Delhi NCR. He is an passionate nature photographer, music lover and known as India’s first professional blogger.

Sudeepa Roy

Sudeepa hails from North-east India and settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has a masters in Life Science from Assam University and holds an HR-management diploma from IMT, Ghaziabad. She has worked in management and business development sectors.

Sujit Chakraborty

Maverick story teller, the author just loves turning around what people write into stories.He has worked with several magazines, such as Sunday Mail, Mail Today, Debonair, The Sunday Indian, Down To Earth, IANS,, etc. He also loves singing and cooking

Sumita Ganguli (Mou)

Graduated in Comparative Literature, sold computers and software education, transformed into a hobby chef and evolved into a restaurateur-entrepreneur. Loves to research the culinary influences on the huge repertoire from the Bengal peninsula. Sumita lives in Kolkata with business connections across the world.

Suranjana Choudhury

Suranjana Choudhury teaches literature at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Her essays and reviews have been published in, The Wire, Biblio, The Statesman, Café Dissensus, Humanities Underground, Coldnoon Travel Poetics and Elsewhere. She may be contacted at

Swarnali Dey

An MBA from Assam University, Swarnali has been in the corporate for the last 17 years. Currently, she is also pursuing life coaching, as her chosen niche is Happiness. She resides in Hyderabad.

Tiatemsu Longkumer

A PhD. Scholar in the Dept. of Anthropology at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Tiatemsu Longkumar, is currently working on The Anthropology of Religion. Anthropology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies excite him immensely, leading to podcasting on them. Tiatemsu is an esteemed host in the “New Books Network” — a podcast on Anthropology and Religion. He is passionate about reading and writing too.

Topashish Bhattacharya

Topashish is from Shillong and grew up staying very close to nature that is why he is a nature lover. He is a very passionate about travelling and travels across the year along with his camera.

Vashishtha Chaudhary

Vashishtha Chaudhary is a senior officer from the Indian Revenue Service who currently works as Senior Vice President of the GST ((Goods and Services Tax) Council, Government of India. He is rounding up his rural-based novel “Malang”, deeply rooted in nature and traditional culture

Yeseng Borgohain

Yeseng Borgohain is pursuing Sociology at Cotton University, Guwahati. Apart from creative writing, she is a trained singer in Indian Classical music. She also loves poetry and home decor.