Epic Public School: Cultivating Minds Beyond Traditional Education

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Epic Public School

Discover how Epic Public School in Cooch Behar, founded by Biswajit Jha and Dr. Sanjukta Saha, goes beyond traditional education. This innovative school integrates real-life farming, practical skills, and cultural activities into its curriculum, creating a holistic educational experience.

“My school goes beyond traditional education ….” Writes Kairav Gupta a sixth-grade student of Epic Public School, Cooch Behar, in his school magazine, and not just him, all the students of the school share similar thoughts. 

A decade ago, Cooch Behar had limited options for high-quality education. To address this, Biswajit Jha, then a sports editor at Zee News, and his wife Dr. Sanjukta Saha, an Assistant Professor at IMS, Ghaziabad, left their jobs in 2013 to establish an educational trust. This effort led to the founding of Epic Public School in 2017.

Biswajit Jha and Dr. Sanjukta Saha envisioned a school that transcended traditional teaching methods. With Jha’s extensive experience as a national-level journalist and Saha’s academic expertise, they infused the curriculum with a unique blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. Their commitment to holistic education is evident in their innovative approach, which includes hands-on training in various fields, particularly science and real-life farming.

Founder Biswajit Jha farming with the students of his Epic Public School

One of the school’s distinctive features is the integration of real-life farming into the curriculum. Over the years, the school has developed a three-acre organic farm near its campus, involving students, guardians, and local villagers. This farm serves as a practical classroom where students engage in various farming activities, learning the intricacies of agriculture firsthand.

Day boarders at the school benefit directly from the farm’s produce, consuming healthy, farm-fresh food and vegetables. This initiative provides nutritional benefits and develops a deep appreciation for the hard work of farmers in students. The school emphasizes gratitude and respect for farmers, encouraging students to remember and thank farmers in their prayers before meals, fostering a sense of appreciation and humility.

Addressing parents’ concerns about their children’s health, Epic Public School has developed an innovative solution to encourage healthy eating habits in students. They emphasize the importance of healthy eating through history, science, and ancient food cultures, making it mandatory for students to eat fruits daily with a dedicated “Fruits Break.”

Epic Public School students enjoying their fruit break
Epic Public School students enjoying their fruit break

Culturally, the school is rich and dynamic. Recently, a three-day theatre workshop was organized, mentored by renowned stage director Shri Kalyanmoy Das, allowing high school students to unleash their dramatic potential.

Epic Public School also engages in social activities. On June 8th, in partnership with St. John’s Ambulance Association, they organized a commendable blood donation camp at their Debibari campus, attended by Honourable Additional District Magistrate Mr. Shantanu Bala and Honourable Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Chandan Das, who supported the cause.

Blood donation camp at Epic Public School
Blood donation camp at Epic Public School

On World Environment Day, June 5th, students engaged in various activities, such as making placards, educating adults about single-use plastics, and advocating for tree planting on the radio. They took this responsibility seriously, teaching street vendors about the harmful effects of burning plastics and the necessity of planting more trees to combat climate change.

Epic Public School students on World Environment Day
Epic Public School students celebrated the World Environment Day

Biswajit Jha, the author of two books, “Bike Ambulance Dada” (published by Penguin) and “Modern Buddha” (published by Sterling), believes in the power of words. Inspired by this belief, he initiated a web magazine for students called epicwords.in.

Dr. Sanjukta Saha shares, “In this digital era, if you don’t take advantage of technology, you are bound to lag behind others.” This realization led to the creation of the web portal, allowing students to write regularly, unlike the annual school magazine.

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The trust’s activities extend beyond Epic Public School. They run a free coaching school in Mendabari, a tribal village in North Bengal, where students are trained in academics, dance, and football.

Recently, Biswajit Jha shared his stories on Josh Talks and TedX. The videos are attached for our readers.



Under the leadership of Biswajit Jha and Dr. Sanjukta Saha, the dedicated teachers of Epic Public School have transformed it into more than just an educational institution. It is a movement integrating practical life skills into the educational framework, ensuring students become well-rounded individuals who respect and understand the value of each individual. Through their innovative approaches, the school is shaping a generation that is academically proficient, socially conscious, and agriculturally aware.

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