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The Book Which Kept Me Awake

The Book Which Kept Me Awake

The writer Somashis Gupta did not eat or sleep for more than 22 hours. Why so? Find out what kept him awake. 

I am unable to decide, what is making me gibberish. I wonder whether it is the weather or the fact that I did not sleep or eat for the last 22 hours. Is it the hunger or the sleep which is bothers me deep. Nah! I am not in a war zone. I am just a bibliophile and food or sleep seemed trivial. The situation was such that I had to read the book to know the end, and nothing was more important than that. I call it love for books and my alter ego calls it ‘madness’. So in between this dilemma let me tell you the reason for such an enigma.

It was one of our adda sessions ….

Shomiron, a sub inspector with Kolkata Police, was the center of attraction in the group. He always enchanted us with the stories he narrated. Though he claimed them to be his personal experience, but we understood that most of it is made up. Yet we cherished them.

It was one such session, we gathered around a café called Obak Cha Pan in Patuli….

Bondhugon (friends) sorry for being late, I was writing the final report on the murder of Daniel Brown” Shamiran apologized as he walked in.

“Who is Daniel Brown?” we asked.

“He was the District Commissioner during the British Raj.” Shamiran replied while sipping his cup of tea.

“British Raj? So why are you working on it now?” Confusion was the way of motion.

“We have reopened the file as the government wants to honor the unsung freedom fighters ad we are trying to find out who helped Amal Ghosh to plan the execution of Mr. Brown” he said.

“Now who is Amal Ghosh?” we asked.

“He was the blue eyed boy of the British Government.” This answer from Shomiron raised further confusion “A blue eyed boy of the British Government? Yet he killed the British officer?”  we asked.

“It’s a long story. It was sometime in 1943. The British Government was trying to identify people for their ‘Ideal Citizens program’.” We knew a exciting session follows as Shomiron said this.

“What is this ‘ideal citizens’?” Someone asked.

“The government identified pro British Indians who could promote British Government to the mass as the revolutionaries were gaining grounds against the British” explained Shomiron.

“So your Amal Ghosh was one of them?” I asked

“No actually the British Government wanted to verify if he could be trusted so they started spying upon him” Shomiron replied.

“Why so?” we asked.

“You see, though Amal Ghosh spoke highly of the British education system, but he was never seen criticizing the revolutionaries.”

“Oh! So he was actually not in favor of the British so he killed Denial Brown” we guessed.

“Not that simple, you see the than Assistant Commissioner Mr. Ashim Roy was given the responsibility to find out about Ghosh. He appointed his best intelligence agent Sekhar Chatterjee to find out about Amal Ghosh.” Shamiron corrected.

“So than…?”

“Wait, order for some braised cutlet first.” Shomiron was an epicure.

So after we ordered for the same Samiran continued. “So as I was saying, Sekhar soon found out that Amol Ghosh has a younger brother who may be planning an armed attack against British.”

He was interrupted by the waiter who informs us “braised cutlet toh nai breast cutlet ache (we don’t have braised cutlet, breast cutlet available)” this was fine example of how we Indians have distorted English words.  Perhaps this is a sweet revenge against the years of misery they gave us. I said “yes get us ‘breast cutlet’” I understood ‘braised cutlet’ has been renamed as ‘breast cutlet’.

“Coming back to the story, it was during the same time that the school inspector Mr. Bill Norton was making remarks intended to spoil India’s image amongst the students. Not only that whoever raised their voice, were dealt with severe action. In fact a lady teacher Sunita was suspended from service as she spoke against him.”  Shomiron narrated.

“All this fine but what happened to Amol Ghosh or Danial Brown?” I asked.

“Yes I am coming to that. Knowing about the termination of Sunita and the behavior of Bill Norton, Bimol Ghosh and a few more went to show their protest against Bill. They expected to get arrested and gain some publicity, but Bill used his revolver and killed Bimol instead.” Shoiron said.

“What? This is insane, this is barbaric.” Someone expressed.

“…and people call Hitler the dictator.” I expressed.

“That’s not the end, when Amol Ghosh visited Daniel Brown to seek justice, Brown put a deaf ear to his plea” Shomiron said.

“So what did Ghosh do?” we asked.

“All this while Amol was a British loyal, but this incident changed his views and he felt the only way to deal with these beasts was to follow the path of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose” Shomiron added

“So he joined the INA?” we asked

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“Amol Ghosh eliminated Daniel Brown” Shomiron said.

“But he was under surveillance of the police isn’t it?”

“Yes he was, but he still managed the execution, presumably some Hidden Patriot helped him, and we are investigating to find out who it was.” Shomron was interrupted by a stranger who all this while was seated behind us.

He approached Shomiron and said. “Sorry to interrupt you, what you are saying is a great story but it is not yours, it is the story from the book ‘The Hidden Patriot’ isn’t it?” His words came as a surprise to Shomiron who could just manage a guilty smile. We all turned to Shomiron with an angry look, who said “well you all enjoyed it didn’t you?”

“Yes we did but what happens in the end who was the Hidden Patriot?” we asked the stranger.

“I will not kill the suspense, why don’t you read the story” The stranger suggested.

“What is your name Sir?” I asked the stranger.

“I am known as Subhadeep Banerjee” he replied.

It was almost 7 in the evening so I rushed to the nearest book store and bought the book.

Wait a minute, now I know who our stranger was. He is none other than the author himself.

I started reading and went on reading …..till I finished finding who The Hidden Patriot was.

What? Who was The Hidden Patriot?

Well let that be a surprise for you.

You can buy the book from stores or from Amazon. Click here
It is priced at Rs. 285 published by Evincepub Publishing. ISBN: 978-93-5446-589-5 and written by Prof. Subhadeep Banerjee.

Happy questing.

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