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Eid Mubarak – Baba

Eid Mubarak – Baba

“Eid Mubarak – Baba”, this story talks about the true essence of Eid. Will Baba finally get his new bigger home? Read this story byt Rhituparna Chakraborty to find out.

“Krishna!” said Baba.

Krishna replied, “Yes Baba?”

“Where are you going? Eat something and go”, said Baba.

Krishna replied, “Baba, I am late. I need to rush.”

Baba said, “Without eating anything, you can’t go.”

Krishna smiled and said, “I will eat something. Don’t worry about me.”

Baba then asked, “Where is my Lord Krishna Idol?”

Krishna pointed to the tiny, neat table at the corner and said, “See there Baba. I have also kept the flowers. You can pray there.”

Krishna lived in a small room with his Baba. He would wake up early, fill up the water drums, cook for baba and then leave for work. Before leaving, he would tell his next-doorneighbor to check on Baba and feed Baba the lunch he cooked. Baba was old and forgetful. Hence Krishna told all his neighbors to keep an eye on Baba. If Baba stepped out of the room, someone from the neighborhood would immediately inform Krishna. Krishna would rush to be with Baba. He felt guilty of leaving Baba alone.

Baba deserved comfort and a better house. This room was too small. Krishna had relocated to Delhi from his hometown looking for better opportunities. He finally became a taxi driver and was earning enough for himself. But then Baba joined him and the expenses increased.

Earlier he used to drive his taxi till 10:00 p.m. But now he drove till midnight. Also, amidst all these, one day in a week, he would take the day off to take Baba around, to show him the city, to spend time with him. As Baba used to forget things, sometimes he would remember Krishna and sometimes he would forget. Hence Krishna ensured some neighbor was always there to keep an eye on his Baba whenever he went to work.

When Krishna would reach home, Baba would be fast asleep. Krishna would sleep way later than his Baba and would wake up way earlier than his Baba. The whole idea was to ensure his Baba was comfortable. Baba should not be deprived of anything.

Today was Krishna’s day off. As usual, on his day off, he would make Baba eat breakfast, get Baba ready and take him on Delhi tour. Baba would always ask Krishna, “Where are we going?”

Krishna would smile and say, “It’s our day out today. We will go for sightseeing and then come back.”

Baba would then ask, “But what is your name and who are you?”

Krishna would laugh and say, “Baba, I am your Krishna. You gave me the name. Remember?”

Baba would think and say, “Oh yes yes… I gave you that name.”

Krishna would drive Baba towards residential lanes; he would show Baba nice society complexes and would ask him, “Do you like this society? Do you like the flats?”

Baba would laugh and ask, “Why do you even ask me? I am happy wherever my Krishna is.”

Krishna would say, “Baba you deserve a bigger home. And I will ensure you get one.”

One fine day Krishna received a call. Krishna was elated. He hugged Baba tight and said, “Babaaaaa, guess what…!”

Baba asked confused, “What?”

Krishna said, “I found it… I found it…”

Baba was still perplexed, “Found what?”

Krishna replied merrily, “Bigger home Baba, bigger home…”

Baba smiled and said, “Oh Ok!” Saying that Baba nonchalantly sat on his bed.

Krishna said, “Baba come I will get you ready.”

Baba asked, “Ready for what?”

Krishna said, “Oho Baba, I just told you. We are going to a bigger home…”

Baba replied, “Ok!”

Krishna then took his Baba in his Taxi and went to a huge society complex. As Baba and Krishna got off the taxi, the security guard at the gate exclaimed, “Baba! Where had you been? OMG! It has been more than a month. So nice to see you!”

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The security guard immediately dialed a number. In 10 minutes, a gentleman and his wife came rushing downstairs to the gate. Seeing Baba, the gentleman came running and hugged Baba and said, “Where were you Baba? How much we looked for you…How are you?”Saying that the gentleman hugged Baba again and cried.

Baba looked at the gentleman and asked, “Who are you?”

The gentleman replied, “Baba I am your son Krishna.” Baba looked at him confused.

Just then the police also arrived. The gentleman’s wife had brought a photo album. There were also a lot of videos of Baba on her phone along with her children. The police confirmed Baba was this gentleman’s father. The gentleman’s name was Krishna Acharya. ‘Baba’ was his father. Baba’s name was Jagannath Acharya. Jagannath Acharya suffered from forgetfulness.

While travelling from Burdwan to Delhi, at the Delhi railway station, he suddenly went missing. Krishna and his wife Mishti were worried to hell. They had informed the police. Missing complaint was lodged. Pictures were given in newspapers yet there was no news of Mr. Jagannath Acharya. Apparently, he had walked away when rest of the family members were focusing on luggage and stuff. Suddenly one of the grandchildren noticed that Mr. Acharya was missing. They looked around but Baba was nowhere to be found.

Mr. Acharya kept on walking for long. He could not recall his name, nor could he recall where he had to go. He stopped an autorickshaw driver and asked him to take him home to Krishna. The autorickshaw driver realized that Mr. Acharya suffered from memory loss. So, he randomly took Mr. Acharya all around and demanded 500 bucks from him. That’s when Asif Khan, the Taxi driver saw the scene. He realized this elderly gentleman was being harassed.

Asif fought with the autorickshaw driver and brought Mr. Acharya to his taxi. Mr. Acharya could neither tell Asif his name nor his address. He addressed Asif as Krishna and said, “I live with Krishna. I am his Baba.” He could not recall anything else. Asif managed to rent out a room and kept Mr. Acharya with him. Every day he tried his best to find Mr. Acharya’s family members.

Since it was the month of Ramadan, Asif would fast, but he would cook for Mr. Acharya before he left for work.

Mr. Krishna Acharya hugged Asif tight and said, “I don’t know how to thank you for taking care of my Baba. Here, keep some money. Please. You have spent a lot on my dad.” Asif said, “He is my Baba. God gave me this gift this Eid. How can I accept money for taking care of this priceless gift?”

Saying that Asif hugged Mr. Jagannath Acharya and said, “I need your blessings Baba.”

Baba blessed Asif and said, “God bless you son. But, who are you?”

Asif smiled and said, “Forgot again? I am your son. I will come to see you again. Eid Mubarak! Take care.”

Krishna looked at Asif and said, “Eid Mubarak Brother! Can we celebrate Eid together today?”

Asif happily agreed. It was indeed Eid Mubarak for Asif and the entire Acharya family!

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