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Suhaani meets Shreya’s Little Cousin – Part 2

Suhaani meets Shreya’s Little Cousin – Part 2

sShreya telling Suhaani about the little cousin

When Suhaani met her best friend Shreya after a gap of 10 years, she was in for a huge surprise…. In this concluding part of the two part story we let you in on Suhaani’s new secret

By Rhituparna Chakraborty    |    Illustration by Manpreet Chadha

Suhaani froze. She sat there listening to Shreya without blinking her eyes. Shreya cried and said, ‘Nobody believes me and my mom when we say that. We want to get out of that home but the spirit does not let us. We are scared all the time. Even if we want to sneak away stealthily, the spirit ensures we come back.’ Shreya cried hysterically. She was breathless.

Suhaani looked at Shreya aghast. ‘Save us Suhaani’, cried Shreya. ‘Nobody has seen this little girl except you, me and my mom. You are the only one who can convince people to help us. Save us Suhaani, save us.’

Suhaani was shocked. She said, ‘I trust you Shreya. I will help you. I will help you.’ Shreya kept on sobbing and said, ‘If you don’t do something we will die. My mom and I will die. Help us Suhaani, or else the spirit will not let us live. After I drop you at the airport, I will be forced to go home or else the spirit will kill mom. I don’t want to go back.’

Suhaani hugged Shreya tight and said, ‘No, no, no, I won’t let you die. I will do something. I will.’ Just then Suhaani’s phone rang. The call was from her mom. Suhaani received it. Her mom said, ‘Stop the cab this instant Suhaani and get off. Your dad and I are right behind you. Come right now and board our car.’

Suhaani yelled, ‘What??? You guys have been spying on me? Again? You have been following me again? How can you do that? Stop it Mom! Just Stop it! I am not coming with you and dad. My friend Shreya is in trouble. I have to help her. I won’t come with you guys.’ Her mother began to say something but Suhaani cut her short. ‘No! You hear me? NO! I won’t let Shreya and Sarita Aunty die.’

Even as Suhaani yelled, Suhaani’s parents’ car came and stopped right in front of the cab Suhaani was travelling in. The cab came to a quick stop with a screeching sound. Suhaani’s mom and dad came out of their car. They opened the rear door of Suhaani’s cab and pulled her out. The driver of the cab went white. He was shivering. Suhaani’s mom told the driver, ‘Here take this 2000 bucks and drive out of here. Our daughter is coming with us. Drive your damn car away fast.’

While Suhaani’s dad and mom held Suhaani tight, the cab zoomed away. Suhaani tried to run after the cab and screamed, ‘Stop it. Stop the cab. Don’t take Shreya back where she came from. Don’t.’ She then wiped her tears and shouted hysterically at her parents, ‘What do you want? What do you want? Didn’t you see how Shreya was suffering? Did you even bother to look at her and ask her how she was? You guys are only worried about is me. Can’t I go alone anywhere? Can’t I help my friends? Can’t I help my Shreya? Can’t I?’ saying that Suhaani sat on the road dejected.

Her parents sat beside her. Her mom patted her head and said, ‘Suhaani, we love you. We know you wanted to help Shreya. We know what Shreya means to you but Suhaani, you need to accept the fact that you can’t help her now. You tried. Didn’t you? You tried to accept the story, you met people, you tried to help, but you could not.’ Suhaani hugged her mom tight and cried bitterly, ‘Yes I tried mom. I tried. However, I will not give up. I will try again.’

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Suhaani’s mom patted Suhaani’s back and said, ‘Sweetheart, last year, when Shreya had told you all this, you did not believe her. She kept on calling you to talk about her cousin, the spirit, but you thought it could be some figment of imagination wherein they were all hallucinating things. You then went to consult paranormal experts. Only then you believed what Shreya was saying was true.’

Suhaani cried and said, ‘Mom, I need to help her. I can’t let her die. I can’t let Sarita Aunty die. Yesterday when I was at their home, I saw the little girl again. Shreya and Sarita Aunty looked tense, however, they never told me anything then. Now, in the cab, Shreya repeated whatever she told me last time. I need to help her.’

Suhaani’s dad lost his patience, ‘Stop it Suhaani! Stop it my child. We can’t see you like this. We followed you till here. We were there in that house. We were allowed to stay there without you knowing about it. You very well know Shreya and Sarita are no more in this world. They had committed suicide last year itself. No one stays in that house Suhaani.’ Suhaani cried and said, ‘But Shreya was there with me. She was in the cab as well.’ Suhaani’s mom said, ‘No one was in the cab except you and the cab driver, Suhaani.’

Meanwhile, the cab driver of the cab in which Suhaani was travelling haphazardly parked his car and ran for his dear life. He had two girls travelling with him but when Suhaani’s parents came, the other girl had vanished.’

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