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Suhaani meets Shreya’s Little Cousin – Part 1

Suhaani meets Shreya’s Little Cousin – Part 1

Shreya's cousin

When Suhaani went to meet her best friend Shreya after a gap of 10 long years, little did she know she would learn another truth about Shreya’s little cousin who was suffering and alone in that house

By Rhituparna Chakraborty    |    Illustration by Manpreet Chadha

Suhaani was excited. She was going to meet her best friend Shreya after 10 long years. However, it was to be a very short visit. She was going to stay at Shreya’s home only for two nights. She would reach the city by 7:30 p.m. Next morning, she and Shreya would go out to see the city and the day after she would fly back home.

Shreya came to pick Suhaani from the airport. The girls could not stop chatting. Suhaani and Shreya had been in college together and roommates in the hostel as well. The bond they shared was unique. They fought a lot but they could never think of spending a day without talking to each other. Social media, phone, every gadget, every platform was utilized perfectly by these girls to stay connected.

When they reached Shreya’s home, the house-help opened the door. Suhaani entered the living room. Shreya went ahead to the master bedroom. Shreya’s mom Sarita was there. Shreya said, ‘Mom, Suhaani is here.’ Sarita got up from an armchair, smiled and said, ‘Where is she? Call her here. It has been ages since I met her.’ Just then Suhaani came inside, hugged Sarita and said, ‘How are you Aunty? It has been a long time.’

Sarita patted Suhaani’s head softly, kissed her forehead and said, ‘Yes baby, it has been a long time. How are you? How is everyone back home?’ Suhaani smiled and said, ‘All good, Aunty.’ Shreya then said, ‘Mom, you are supposed to stay in the guest room, while I and Suhaani will stay in this master bedroom.’ Sarita said, ‘I know dear, but you know somehow I don’t get sleep if I change my room. Can you girls please adjust and stay in that room? Please?’

Suhaani said, ‘Yes Aunty. Come on Shreya, we will stay in the other room. It is a matter of just two nights. We can adjust.’ Shreya laughed and said, ‘Okay!’ Shreya continued, ‘Suhaani, you go and freshen up. I will ask the cook to serve dinner.’ Suhaani went to the room when she saw an adorable little girl there. Suhaani loved kids. She went closer to the girl and said ‘Hi’. The little girl smiled back and said, ‘Hi’. Suhaani sat beside her and asked, ‘I am Suhaani and who are you cutie pie?’ The little girl giggled and said, ‘I am Shreya’s cousin.’

Suhaani looked at the blue eyed little girl and said, ‘You are so adorable. Why didn’t Shreya introduce me to you?’ The little girl said in sad note, ‘That’s because she does not like me. She is selfish. She does not let me have the room all to myself. Even if I am here in this room, she never talks to me. She wouldn’t even look at me. She does not even call me out to have dinner with them. Shreya is a meanie.’

Suhaani hugged the little girl and said, ‘Oh come on, that cannot be true. Shreya is very kind. I will tell Shreya to talk to you and make you feel at home.’ The little girl said, ‘That’s okay Suhaani. Even Sarita Aunty does not talk to me but I am fine. I have a request. Please do not talk about me with them. I don’t want to get hurt again and again.’ Suhaani was at loss of words. How can her best friend and Sarita Aunty be so cruel! However, Suhaani thought that it was a family matter. It’s better not to say anything.

Dinner was served. The little girl looked at Suhaani from the guest room but Shreya and Sarita never bothered. Shreya would look at the room but would turn a blind eye. They did not even invite the little girl to have dinner with them. Suhaani caught Shreya looking at the little girl but Shreya was so cold hearted towards her that she did not even care to go and give her food. Suhaani was heartbroken. Shreya caught Suhaani looking at the room. Shreya ignored that and told Suhaani, ‘Have your dinner Suhaani. Don’t worry about anything else.’

After Suhaani and Shreya had dinner, they went to the guest room to sleep. Shreya was as always nonchalant to the little girl, while Suhaani smiled at her. Shreya then said, ‘We will sleep on this king size bed.’ Suhaani looked at the little girl. The little girl made herself comfortable on the tiny bed beside the king size bed. Suhaani was taken aback by Shreya’s cold demeanour. Shreya never asked the little girl if she was hungry,if she was cold, if she needed a blanket? No, nothing. All Shreya cared was about Suhaani because Suhaani was her best friend.

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Two nights flew by. Shreya took Suhaani all over the city, treated her to sumptuous delicacies. The little girl would give Suhaani company whenever Shreya got busy with something. Today Suhaani was leaving. She was going to miss Shreya and Sarita Aunty but more than that she was going to miss the little girl. Before leaving, she hugged the little girl. Suhaani said, ‘I will tell Shreya to be nice to you.’ The little girl looked at Suhaani teary-eyed and said, ‘No, they don’t love me because I am an orphan. They think I killed my mother. My mother was Sarita Aunty’s youngest sibling. They all hate me for this.’ Suhaani wiped the little girl’s tears and said, ‘I will talk to Shreya.’

On the way to the airport, Suhaani looked at Shreya and asked coldly, ‘Why are you doing this to her?’ Shreya looked at Suhaani confused and asked, ‘Doing what to whom?’ Suhaani sternly said, ‘I am talking about your little cousin. Why are you guys so harsh to her? You did not even bother to introduce me to her. You guys don’t talk to her. I mean, how can you hate a little girl? She is an orphan, but she could never have killed her mother. Why are you so cruel to her?’

Shreya looked at Suhaani bewildered. Shreya was shivering. She was unable to utter a single word. Suhaani was confused. She did not know what was wrong with Shreya. She helped Shreya drink some water and asked ‘Shreya, are you okay?’ Shreya calmed herself and said, ‘Years ago, my mother’s sibling used to stay with us. She died immediately after giving birth to a still born baby at our home. The little girl you saw is that baby.’

Concludes Next Week!!!

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