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Staying Ahead Of The Wolves

Staying Ahead Of The Wolves

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Pack of wolves chasing a Man

It was Abhijeet’s turn to make a presentation… his promotion depended on it. Would he be able manage it. Find out in this short story by Anubhav Das

A man in blue jeans was being chased by a pack of wolves. He ran like a fanatic, using every last ounce of his energy but the wolves were gaining on him rather quickly. The man took a sharp turn, expecting the wolves to slow down but wolves were hungry- they were almost on his heels.

He imagined himself being feasted upon by the wolves –imagined them tearing his legs and eating every last bit of his flesh till the bones were exposed. This was just how the man himself enjoyed tandoori chicken- juicy and dark red. And now in final minutes, he was about to meet the same fate.

But who was this man? How did he end up in such a place and how was he still managing to keep ahead of a pack of hungry wolves?

These questions bugged Abhijeet Chopra as he was about to face his boss for the presentation. This was his moment. After all the hard work he had put in over the last couple of years, he finally had a chance to ask for his overdue promotion. Vijay Sharma, his arch rival in office, had got his promotion last month even though one rarely saw him working. Abhijeet had attended Sharma’s promotion party, but without sharing his happiness. It was high time our protagonist got what he deserved.

The pack of wolves were inches behind the man in the blue jeans. The man held his nerve, he did not want to be eaten. Death was inevitable but slow death was far worse. He saw a tall spruce in front of him, this was his last resort! The wolves had gotten way too close.

Abhijeet’s meeting began shortly after the lunch break. Sharma was sitting beside his boss. Abhijeet’s moment had finally arrived. He began his presentation in high spirits, making sure every word of his counted. Meanwhile the man shoved his way through the bushes, in an attempt to climb the spruce. He however wasn’t able to latch on and instead got his jeans ripped by one of the wolves. In an attempt to protect his beloved leg, he tried thrashing the wolves with a thin piece of a broken branch.

Realistically it shouldn’t have worked but to the man’s surprise, the wolves actually took a step back. The man somehow managed to run a bit further only to be halted at the edge of the cliff. At this point he had two choices. Jumping off the cliff would result in instant death, mildly adventurous but painful. Being eaten alive on the other hand would be far more gruesome and prolonged.

Moreover, going out in such a fashion wouldn’t be boastful. Most people on earth don’t have a choice during death, our protagonist on the other hand actually had one. His choice was obvious, he went for the jump. Abhijeet’s meeting came to an end.

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It had gone better than he anticipated. His boss granted him the promotion, and everyone in his office was happy except Sharma. Abhijeet’s hard work had finally paid off. While returning home, Abhijeet decide to enjoy his victory with a treat. After waiting for 10 minutes at his favourite dhaba, his tandoori platter arrived.

The Tandoori Chicken was juicy, red- Abhijeet wanted to lick the bones clean. He was about to dig in, when a thought struck him, ‘What did I dream about last night?’ The human subconscious is a mischievous expanse of thoughts. There’s only so much we know about it.


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