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Penning The Past

Penning The Past

Debojyoti Mishra with his wife Jonaki

This story is about Debojyoti Mishra’s new book Ekoda Janhavi Teera where he has written about his past. The story also features his wife Jonaki Mukherjee who is a noted author and social activist. She too has released her new book in the same platform.

“Hey, is that not Debojyoti Mishra?”

“Yes, but what is he doing here, it is a book release I heard”

This was being discussed by two young girls outside the Satyajit Ray Auditorium (ICCR) that day. The other invites too were equally surprised. Some assumed he is another guest, while others presumed that he would be performing. But all these presumptions and assumptions found their solution as the guests entered the hall.

Debojyoti Mishra a well known figure in the musical industry has surprised us with Ekoda Janhavi Teere his debut book. Why suddenly a book, was the question which revolved around the auditorium. Well artistic talent finds many ways of expressions in a person, and this case is no exception. The book is a bagful of Mishra’s memories since his young age.

Amongst the others in the audience one could find eminent figures like Anik Dutta, Atanu Ghosh, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Debojyoti’s better half and the noted author social activist Jonaki Mukherjee and so on.

Debojyoti Mishra

Mishra dedicates this book to his beloved father where one can find his fond memories of listening to Mozart, meeting Salil Chowdhury, working with Rituparno Ghosh, Bangladesh muktijuddhyo. This book tells us how all these left an immense impact on his musical atmosphere.

Where there is Debojyoti Mishra there is music. The program featured various genres of music as well as a group of talented artists performing together. Debojyoti himself played a collage of ‘river songs’ on his magical violin. Amar Sen created magic on his sand art, Sourima Ghosh sang ‘Babul Mora’, Ujjain Mukhopadhyay sang ‘Majhi Tor Naam Jani Na’, while Vachagan Tadevosyan played the Duduk. Abhijit Basu performed a medley of folk songs.

And then Debojyoti Mishra spoke “It gives me immense pleasure holding my debut book in my hands. It is full of emotions, memories, and my journey from childhood till date. I have also painted some illustrations for this book too.”

On the other hand, the noted social activist, one of the members of West Bengal Women’s Commission and a school teacher, Debojyoti Mishra’s wife Jonaki Mukherjee has also launched a book ‘Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice.

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The book by Jonaki Mukherjee tells ten real life stories of the struggles of women of diverse ages and backgrounds. A common thread that binds the stories in this collection is the prejudice, misogyny and exploitation that women have faced and struggled to overcome for generations. The struggle is not past them or us. Even as individuals and organisations continue their efforts to empower women, the harsh truth about the status and struggles of women cannot be whisked away.

These are the stories and truths that author Jonaki Mukherjee shares with her readers. She portrays in her book many years of experience of having counselled and worked tirelessly with the real life problems of women. This is what makes her book so special – the stories are real, not from the ancient past but from the India that we know today, and the person telling the stories has journeyed with each of the women she writes about.

Many of these stories and their protagonists may appear to be familiar because there could not be a single reader who is unaware of the societal pressures, prejudices and gender discrimination that is so rampant. Jonaki’s sensitive telling of the stories of the women she has worked with and stood by forms an important document that will inform and inspire others and hopefully be a humble but firm step towards an improvement in the status and stature of women in India.

Debojyoti Mishra and Jonaki Mukherjee did several activities during lockdown from feeding stray animals to giving food to people who live on streets, did music healing sessions online to give many of us strength to fight back the odd time through music.So this husband wife duo is serving our society in many a ways. This bonding is really meaningful to our society.

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