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Memoirs of Debkutir’s Matrismriti Mandir!

Memoirs of Debkutir’s Matrismriti Mandir!

The Matrismriti Mandir

Debkutir is not just a housing society, it was the union of many lives interwoven. Lives that bonded over emotion, culture and celebration that took place in its own temple “Matrismriti Mandir”. Memories that remained etched in hearts, experiences that taught lessons of solidarity like no one ever did

“For oft when in my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood

THEY flash upon that inward eye

Which is a bliss of solitude…”

William Wordsworth

THEY …………………. I often, very fondly remember the uncountable memories of the yesteryears. Specially, during this time of the year, when Durga Puja is knocking the doors, I become very nostalgic.

ThakuMa with Thakur MoshaiI was born under the care and guidance of Late Shri Shashi Mohan Deb, in loving memory of his mother and was named Matrismriti Mandir. Though it was a Mandir, meant for all the religious rituals to be held throughout the year, my premise served various miscellaneous activities as well, all year round.

I was the Table Tennis Club for the young boys of the society, popularly known as Debkutir, after Late Shashi Mohan Deb and his family, who owned the society of approximately twenty residential accommodations filled with loving families and children of all age.

Kabi Guru Rabindranath Thakur’s birth centenary was celebrated every year by the children and ladies of the society under my roof.

As the days of the year passed by, came the most joyous event of the year , awaited by all, the young and the old – Durga Puja, the most popular and awaited Festival of every Bengali household.

There are numerous stories to be told, so many memories still vivid, but today I wish to relate the most joyous event of Debkutir, which I believe, every girl and boy who grew up in this premises, every young and old who have resided here, still fondly remembers the Durga Puja days, no matter in whichever part of the world they might be living now.

the idolsThe Durga idols used to come into life in my lap and also in the adjoining land spread across. The Craftsman, Purno Pal and his family used to start with making of the idols a little before Jhulan Purnima.

First , the wooden platform, then came the shape of the idol in thatch and coconut wire, then very lovingly clay was applied to give proper shape to different parts of the body. First white color, then the body color, then the facial details were done by expert hands and finally the attire of the idols.

Two months flew by, and finally the idols were ready to be taken for the different Puja Pandals, except for one, which stood at the centre to be worshipped inside Matrismriti Mandir.

Though it was the Deb Family Puja, everybody, all young and old , who resided in the neighbourhood, grew up believing that it was their Durga Puja. Debkutir transformed into one big family during the Durga Puja days, every year.

The young boys spent the whole night cleaning and decorating Matrismriti Mandir to their heart’s content for Maa Durga to be worshipped with pomp and show for the next four days.


Debkutir Puja's Anjali

The next four days saw the entire society in a Festive mood from the wee hours of morning till late at night, girls of all age in saree, making flower garlands for the deities, stiff competition as to whose garland is the best and will be selected by Purohit for Mother Durga.

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Sankhadhoni, the Dhaak beat, fragrance of seuli flower, dhup and dhunuchi, children of all age group moving about in new clothes, ladies showing off in their new sarees, the entire society used to be radiating like a new bride, joy knew no bound. There was more to it – Prasad, bhog in the afternoon, dhunuchi dance in the evening – three days just flew by.

The ladies

And then came Dashami, the last day of Durga Puja. After Maa boron and Shidurkhela among the ladies, soon it was time to bid adieu to DurgaMaa, when she had to be taken in a procession amidst Dhaak beat and dhunuchi dance to be immersed in the Brahmaputra.

Everyone used to be very saddened at Maa’s departure and it used to take four to five days for life to return back to normalcy.

Gradually, as the year ended, counting the months used to begin once again for the next Durga Puja, for Maa to come again, ushering immense joy and happiness.

Today, many years have passed by since the Durga Puja is no longer celebrated in my premises, Debkutir’s very own-Matrismriti Mandir. Most of the people of the older generation have passed away and the younger lots have moved to faraway lands and even beyond the geographical boundaries of the country. Yet I stand here in the same dimension longing and yearning for them more than ever!

matrismriti Mandir with the house

But every year, as seuli flower smells in the horizon, Durga Puja days come closer, the countless fond memories of Durga Puja celebration, still brightens up my otherwise lonely and frail existence.


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