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He Will Continue to Live Amongst Us…

He Will Continue to Live Amongst Us…

Debapratim Tribute

It is a new beginning for Debapratim. His memories will remain unbanished, an ensemble by friends to cherish his life in this mortal world.

Auf Wiedersehen Debapratim, till we meet again.

Our dear friend Debapratim Purkayastha breathed his last on 7th May, 2021 after a long battle against the monstrous Covid-19. Debu since the school days, was a bundle of talent, was the first mover and always had an underlying confidence of a winner. At the same time he was upright, humble and never missed an opportunity to connect with friends in their good or bad times. These traits of him stayed throughout his young but eventful life of 45 years.

When we’re just stepping into our teens and were fascinated by the silver screen action heroes of that time, Debu along with Jhankar was the first one to pump the irons. He really gave those dumbbells a whack and made the heads turned — albeit the boys in different directions. So much so, we used to tease him as the “Van Damme” of South Point. Like a true blue winner, he humbly accepted it and would be the first one to open his shirt whenever we went for a day out by the riverside.

With Rituraj
Debapratim with Rituraj

Debu believed in entrepreneurship, self-reliance and was a strong believer in equality. His belief found resonance with Rituraj and Mousomi and they bonded well over many of those social causes. He was an active participant in the school whatsapp group even a couple of weeks ago till he breathed his last. Had an uncanny ability to lighten up a heavy atmosphere, found happiness in mundane things of life and as if he’d never left school.

Sid with Debapratim
Debapratim with his chaddi-buddy Sid

Debu and Sid remained chaddi-buddies throughout and were almost like one big family. They would take pride in each other’s professional success and even did few case studies together and earned international recognitions as well. Talking about Debapratim’s professional life — his social media posts had so many laurels and accolades, it was like stargazing for all of us. He was a matter of pride for all his fellow travellers – someone whose grit, honesty and simplicity made him a winner.

By Tridib Chowdhury


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