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A House of Wisdom and Hope

A House of Wisdom and Hope

Established in the year 1897, Ramkrishna Mission is a place of wisdom for people of all religion. This ode by Subhadeep is to commemorate the foundation day which was on 1st of May.

Ramkrishna Mission was founded with a twofold purpose to spread the teachings of Vedanta as embodied in the life of the Ramakrishna Paramhansa and to improve the social conditions of the Indian people. This is a small ode on the occasion of the foundation day…


More than a century ago,
On a solemn wintry night
With Christmas near in sight,
A few good men of wisdom
Assembled in a nondescript Baranagore home
And pledged to mold and transform –
The raw fruit of the human mind,
Away from worldly enticements,
Towards the charm of God’s oneness.

Mere renunciates and mendicants they were
With no belongings or big purses to bear,
Yet they had unshakeable faith in Lord Ramakrishna,
Who was an outstanding Paramahansa –
With a child-like devotion to Goddess Kali.
They were led by one pioneering leader,
Who truly understood the message of his Master,
Himself evolving from seeker Narendra
To the eternal torchbearer of wisdom and hope –
In the form of an exalted Swami Vivekananda.
They were guided by the Holy Mother Sarada –
The spiritual soulmate of their Lord,
Who entrusted them to become preachers,
And spread the ancient message of Vedanta,
In the modern yet struggling world,
Which was devoid ofthe all essential healing touch.
Setting out on foot in saffron robes,
They endured pain and sufferings,
And willfully ignored worldly comforts and offerings,
For they had a promise to keep to their Lord
About devotion, dedication and duty.

A leap of faith was their only vital strength,
Which placed them very high on emotional quotient
And shielded their kernelfrom the outside,
Sustaining against hunger and desperationbrewing inside.

They toiled and traveled from villages to cities
And strode across many a continents,
Overcoming many obstacles of dogma and darkness,
They impressed many a high and mighty with their spiritual achievements,
Who became sincere benefactors of their rightful purpose,
To bringa sense of hope and order
By spreading the message of love and peace,
In a world full of problems and bad deeds.

Shining bright on world stage
And putting focus on his ancient yet all-encompassing Hindu faith,
Swami Vivekananda enthralled all,
With his deep knowledge about the universal truth,
And the essence of human existence in union with God.
He exhorted strongly all his followers
To keep the faith in Ramakrishna for eternal times,
And continue nurturing a spiritual lineage
For serving fellow human beings as Shiva personified.
On a beautiful May day more than a century and a quarter ago
Swami Vivekananda set foot in this house of wisdom and hope
And created the garden temple of Godliness known as Belur Math,
Which would host all his dedicated followers
And chart a course for human enrichment,
Through many a constructive and philosophical thoughts.

The Ramakrishna Order thus laid out in bygone times,
Still glows bright in pristine shine.
The discipline and service for a larger cause,
Is not inspired by any self-love or individual pride,
But a simple faith and a set of monastic vows,
Aimed at alleviating the heathen’s unfortunate karmic lows.

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Decades have gone by and governments have changed,
Across many a nation states whose borders have been drawn and erased.
But the Ramakrishna Mission has spread socially world over,
Capturing countries and continents through professing harmony forever.

Thus, here I wish to dedicate this humble prose,
To these men in orange robes
Living out their solemn and just duties,
Towards betterment of human qualities,
For a blissful union with the Almighty.

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