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The Man Who Knew God

The Man Who Knew God


185 years and he is still alive, not physically but ideologically. This is a tribute to one of the greatest philosopher in the world, Gadadhar Chattapadhyay, our Thakur, our  Shree Ramkrishna Paramhansa

By Prof. Subhadeepa Banerjee

It was the 185th birth anniversary of Lord Ramakrishna. The 18th February 2022.  I feel Ramakrishna is the true embodiment of the concept of personal God. I can talk to him, I can bare my heart out and surrender all my emotions. I can actually identify with him so easily, because of his simplicity and direct appeal.

You must have noticed I am mentioning him in the present tense. You know why? Because he said to the Holy Mother and his spiritual consort Sarada Devi that physical absence does not mean discontinuation of a person’s soul. So I believe Thakur is present amongst us through his words of wisdom and is constantly guiding us in our lives.

In fact, I believe everything that happens to us and around us whether to our liking or not, happens with his full knowledge. His concept of enlightenment and the aim of human life is to be able to realize God, to be more contemplative, reflective and somewhat detached with the worldly life.

It is he who had very succinctly put out that there are larger forces in this universe far beyond normal human consciousness which probe us, and as humans we should be mindful of those.

Thakur’s remarkable ability to exemplify complex philosophies of life with simple daily mundane examples, yet bearing a deeper and more profound meaning, makes him an outstanding guru. His utterances should be talked about, understood and celebrated.

One illustration that stands out according to me was when he compared the human soul with pure unadulterated milk. He opined that such ‘soulful milk’ if allowed to mix with water without any modifications, would definitely be contaminated by the water and lose it purity. Instead, he suggested that since butter is known to float on water without mixing or losing its form, the ‘milk’ of human soul be first churned to ‘butter-like’ form, which can then resist influences of its surroundings.

I think this art of exemplifying bigger ideas of life with ordinary examples points to a larger ability in Thakur who, while not relying on bookish education, had the uniqueness to observe, grasp and communicate back in the most appropriate ways.

Thus, I may take the liberty to even ponder, if ever in a hypothetical setting an intelligence quotient (IQ) test of Thakur Ramakrishna were to be carried out and compared with that of Nobel laureate scientists, he would surpass all of them by a significant margin! I am saying this based on a simple understanding of his choice of examples to communicate deeper concepts of life.

Therefore, as a humble personal tribute to his GENIUS and my 20+ years of believing in him as a personal God, I have penned the following poem, in celebrating the one and only My Sweet Lord.

A Sonata for My Sweet Lord

When the doors of justice remain closed tight, hiding even a glimpse of that salvation light,

And the narrow walls of misfortune and misery, confines one in a capsule of perpetual agony.

When the soul seeks answers to many a questions,

Those musings induced by unkindly sufferings

And yearns to emerge as the vindicated one.

Yet there exists not even a single ray of hope

For that life desperate to exit those wretched roads.

That is surely a time to invoke My Sweet Lord Ramakrishna,

Through a simple song or even a lonesome prayer.

For he is the one who has preached the truth of God,

In earthly manifestations everywhere.

Lord Ramakrishna taught us to love all beings, as the Almighty himself through sincere feelings,

Lord Ramakrishna truly purged the evils designs of many complex human minds,

Through his simple allegories and anecdotes so pure and refined.

My sweet Lord never claimed to be a wise old sage, who had mastered books throughout all his age.

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But his pure nectarine words and affable personal touch, were truly soul stirring in as much.

The inner meaning of his messages were profound

And his presence caused pure bliss, for the kindred people gathered around.

He laid bare for ALL the limitations of mortal potencies, against the power of God’s enchantment.

Yet all the wise men of the times prevailing, understood what a great Paramahansa resided in him.

Centuries have passed since My Sweet Lord walked this earth,

But even today his words reverberate through the souls of many an exalted birth.

Thus I can say that in moments of crisis and despair, when the world seems anything but fair,

Invoke My Sweet Lord Ramakrishna through sincere unabashed prayers.

Hold on to him with unshakable faith,

For it is only HE who can liberate our lives, from the endless cycle of deed and effect.

And render in our present, greater harmony with our existence.

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