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Faithfully Unfaithful

Faithfully Unfaithful

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John and Sandy talking to eah other while riding in a bus

When John meets Sandy and falls in love, he never knew that a conspiracy is unfolding.  Find out about it in the part 1 of this sensational story by Pooja Chawla

Illustration by Tavleen Kaur


It is a nice winter evening. People are rushing to reach home after their day’s work. Sandy is waiting for the bus to go home with frizzy hair, tired eyes which desire to relax. She entered the bus and leaned on the window. A man with a great physique, branded clothes that sum up to the term prince charming entered the bus and interestingly sat next to Sandy.

It was clear that this man John neither was regular commuter of buses nor belonged to the city. So he enquired a bit about it from nearby people since Sandy was pretending to sleep. She opened her eyes and saw him.

John was quick to notice the girl in her late 20s, Sandy. John said, “Hi! Sorry to disturb you in your sleep.”

“It’s ok.” Sandy replied.

“What is your name?” John asked. “By the way, you have really pretty eyes.”

“My name is Sandy. Thanks for the compliment.”

They both conversed for a few minutes, before going down, from the bus.

John said, “It was nice meeting you Sandy. Hope to see you again.”

Sandy who was much impressed by him and his status smiled beautifully and said, “Same here John.”

John started to travel by bus the same time when he could meet Sandy.

Sandy also noticed and soon they started dating.

As time passed they started to know each other and about their background. Sandy was a small town city girl whereas John was the only son of a rich affluent family.

2 years later they got married. Their first 5 years of marriage were as smooth as silk. John was a hardworking guy. He got more engrossed in work, started overworking, to keep Sandy happy in every aspect of life. But Sandy was becoming an unsupportive partner after spending so many years with each other. Still, he handled many situations and conflicts with ease in his life as he was a fitness enthusiast because of which he was a mentally strong person too.

Whereas, the working-class girl had changed to a spoilt wife, her main aim was to spend money and have parties. She wanted to experience everything she was deprived of in her earlier years. Now that she is married she was diving into the pool of money, parties, and everything she never would have thought of.

8 O’ clock in the morning. The sun is shining brightly outside. The reflection was all over the house which was made up of glass walls. It gave a nice view of nature from inside the home. Empty sofas, empty chairs yet a big house nothing less than a big hotel-like dream view house. The only person seen was the house help cleaning the home.

Sandy was sitting on the green grass of the backyard lawn having her cup of green tea and talking in a sweet tone to someone on the phone. John has just come home drenched in sweat after the morning workout. As soon as he reached home started searching for his ladylove, Sandy.

John called Sandy, “Good morning honey, what will you have for breakfast?”

Suddenly sweet-voiced Sandy replied to John in a frustrated tone” I don’t want to eat anything”.

John apologized to her for raising his voice last night which wasn’t intentional.

Sandy just ignored him and continued talking on the phone again.

John again said, “Sorry Sandy, I won’t do that again. Please forgive me.” And he left for his work.

This was a daily routine for them now. John used to ask about the overspending of money and Sandy used to ignore it to avoid giving him any answer.

That day evening was like any other except no one knew how this evening will surprise them; John came home from work and started searching for Sandy. He asked the house help “where has Sandy gone?”. Anna, the house help replied, “Sandy has gone to a party with her friends, she will come late.”

Angry John now got flustered.

Suddenly, he gets a call from an unknown number.

“Is it John?”

“Yes, speaking.” replied John.

“Come to the London Cocktail bar to pick-up your wife Sandy as she has passed out due to excessive drinking and everyone who was with her left the bar.”

John in a surprised tone, “okay, I’m coming but why anyone is not there…” call was disconnected.

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John ran to the venue as fast as he could after hanging up. His speed was so fast that even the night bright beauty of London lights seems darker to him. His eyes wanted to see Sandy as early as he could. Many thoughts were flashing in his mind with the constant fear of Sandy’s safety that he had even forgotten the anger he was holding in.

He reached the venue and found a strange silence. It seemed a much-stranded place. It was strange that everyone had left the place. He started searching for Sandy everywhere in the bar.

Suddenly, he found a voice calling his name “John! John!”

He recognized the familiar voice of Sandy.

He walked towards the sitting area of the bar and saw a dead body drenched in blood.

He wasn’t able to find anyone in the bar or nearby. Suddenly he heard the sirens of a police jeep coming towards the bar.

John was confused about what to do. He decided to run away. But in a flash of a moment, he was handcuffed and investigated. Sandy was not found or seen neither by John nor by police.

John’s hearing was held in court the next morning. With no evidence to prove his innocence he was sent to Jail for 20 years. John spent his time thinking about Sandy, there were hundreds of questions running in his mind with no answers and no one present to answer them. The sense of betrayal made John angry but he was helpless. Each and every day he spent in jail he promised to take revenge, thinking and planning on strategies. Time passed and one fine day John got the news that his jail term has been reduced to 15 years.  Who was kind enough to do this he wondered.


To be continued…..


Illustrator : Tavleen Kaur
Tavleen KaurTavleen studies in class X student and is from New Delhi. She’s passionate about drawing and painting. Apart from that, she loves to read books. You can see Tavleen’s artwork on her Instagram page @k.tavleen_1208




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  • This is such a nice piece of writing. Very crisp and we’ll stitched.I would wait for the next part of the story and see what unfolds later. Keep up the good work

  • Amazing writing skills added with an amazing illustration . Will be looking forward to more from both the writer as well as the illustrator.

  • Keep it up Pooja… Really you are inspiring many young people… Will be waiting for your next episode on this story 😊

  • Well knitted story. Now I am curious to know what happens next? Whose dead body was it? Looking forward for the story to unfold. Keep up the good work Pooja and Tavleen. Excellent work team as you people are giving the platform to unknown talent. Kudos to you

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