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Writer’s Block: Navigating the Turbulent Seas of Creativity

Writer’s Block: Navigating the Turbulent Seas of Creativity

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Are you a struggling writer battling with creative blocks and fluctuating motivation? Dive into the relatable journey of a writer facing the tumultuous phases of inspiration, frustration, and self-doubt. Explore the perplexing dynamics between creativity, emotions, and productivity, as narrated through personal experiences and introspection.

I am extremely baffled, and literally desirous of knowing that does Every Writer, Author, beginners Who is Passionate about Writing goes through the Same Phase that I go through. Every time I Sit to Write something or the other my Brain goes Out on a Total Strike and the Creative Section is at a Complete lockdown Stage.

Half of my Time and Energy drains away looking blankly towards the Ceiling and Wondering ; lord knows Wondering What, and then Comes a moment that My brain gets a little bit affectionate towards me and I Start thinking about the daily chores , and Sometimes completely nonsensical things fill my So Called Creative Section.

And for No Valid reason, my brain gets emotional and I, all of a Sudden remember days When Someone had hurt my emotions and how badly I was in Utter Pain, completely doubting Humanity and I swore to myself that I will be a Completely different person, but it was back to square one and this process is continuing till date.

Again let me give a reminder, all these Processes are going on while trying to jot down something Phenomenal to become a Writer and a long stare towards the Ceiling. And not to mention about my traumatized Pen which has been chewed to the Ultimate and it (pen) is in the state of utter shock and surprise as it is doubting its credibility whether it is Used for Writing or it is some sort of Mouth freshner as it has completely lost its size and shape. Me too couldn’t recognise my Pen when I gave it a look and Considered that Probably I took the Pen of Someone else’s by mistake.

And then Probably Goddess Saraswati couldn’t take it any further and gave me a hard jerk and I Came out of the trance and With a Straight back, completely committed to proving my Worth, I Started to Write, though the brain and the Creative Section are in no mood to Co-operate.

Then I Come out with a Wonderful idea that let me complete my daily chores and other errands and will sit with complete dedication with my Write Up. Yes, with complete innocence I think about it but that moment comes after a millenium when I completely lose track of what I was Writing and even after giving a thorough reading of the lines that I Scribbled earlier nothing comes up.

But the mockery of the brain and the Creative Section doesn’t end there. Being Completely frustrated when I lie down and think of pampering myself by watching some videos or listening to Music or even giving myself a good nap, My brain and Creative Section conspire a plot against me and all sorts of mind-boggling ideas, keeps on Pouncing over me as if it is the last day of my life.

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And at that moment my Physical strength and energy as if in a mood to avenge against the Brain goes on a Strike and I don’t feel like Waking up and getting hold of my Pen and Writing Pad, neither do I feel like typing it on my mobile as if the laziness has crippled to every inch of my body.

I don’t know why there is no sort of Understanding between my Mind and Physical strength and they are in no mood to come to a settlement as well. And because of them my Dream of becoming a Writer and being famous and renowned remains a dream. Oh! One more interesting fact about my brain, creative section and my physical energy, if I am Writing a Write Up of my Students or any other person all these three ( brain, creative section, physical energy) are in complete Zeal and in exuberance to such an extent that I complete the Write Up or any Other Assignments in No time and a moment of pride dawns in When my students inform me that they are being highly appreciated and even awarded for it. Then ,why in my case they are in complete contrast. I Seriously need to settle the matter before my dream remains a mere dream.

The big question is how to hold the meeting with these three(my brain, my creative section and Creativity).
If there is any way out kindly let me be informed.

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  • Totally relatable ma’am 💖💖💖💖
    I hope you become successful in fulfilling your dream of becoming a writer. Best wishes
    Your Rupam 💖💖

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