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Women’s Day 2023 – Breaking Barriers

Women’s Day 2023 – Breaking Barriers

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We Celebrate Women’s day, with this photo story by Aditi Kar and a poem by Somashis Gupta. We salute the strength and resilience of women all across the globe.


The world is a better place only for Women. A small tribute on Women’s day ….


Women, the bearers of life,
It’s for you the world is alive.
From your womb, the world is born,
You are the essence of creation

two Women sitting together in a park

With every step you take,
You do it for a reason, never fake,
And rise above the limitations,
With grit, passion, and determination.

Woman carrying the vegetables to her shop - Women’s Day 2023

Your hearts are pure, your soul divine
A well of compassion and light that shine
For those who seek a guiding force
For all of them, you are the source

Woman selling vegetables in a market - Women’s Day

You juggle roles with ease and grace
Never faltering or losing pace
For your spirit is indomitable,
And your will, unbreakable.

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Women’s Day 2023 – Breaking BarriersWomen’s Day 2023 – Breaking BarriersWoman, in her shop, selling the daily needs - Women’s Day

From the shop to the kitchen
You are always on a mission
For you are the pillars of society
And the epitome of grace and sobriety

woman doing cooking in the kitchen - Women’s Day

So let us celebrate the women,
Who has paved the way for a better world to begin
Empowering and inspiring future generations,
To make the world a more equitable nation.

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