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June, the Beginning of a Hopeful Summer

June, the Beginning of a Hopeful Summer

Rishita playing with her Dog

Craving for the things we can’t have is a basic human nature. In this chilly winter of December, sometimes we crave for the warm and sunny days of June, a summer month, and vice versa. Everything has its ups and downs, and so does life. We often find a lot to complain about bad things, but if we just take a step back and relax, we just might be able to find life’s sunny side.

By Rishita

Mild sunlight on my feet, a soft breeze caressing my hair, while I tuck myself back in the sheets-it’s just 6 in the morning and it already feels like mid-day. Ah! Do I need to wake up? Maybe fifteen minutes more won’t do any harm, will it? This playful touch of the sheets and my resting body will only bring in more cures to my human self who has just returned from a world which seems distant from reality. Only if dreams could last a little longer!

The meeting of the cold marble floor and my feet, first thing in the morning is probably something I cherish more than a cup of cold coffee. Weird? Yes it is! Thefeel of the cold marble floor is always far greater than anything else in the world.But as I walk towards my balcony while tying a bun, I see a shadow. A shadow which looks familiar. Oh! It is the peaceful shadow of my beloved Yolo. Peacefully breathing while lying near the balcony, never have I seen anyone soaking the morning sun with such calmness. As my steps grew closer, a furry brush starts gaining more momentum and there is was, the first ‘Woof!’ early in the morning. Funny how I like the touch of one specific fur in summers and the rest are all for winters.

As I make myself a hot cup of tea, I look over to the box of biscuits and wonder about why I have never even considered anything other than my Marie gold biscuit. Is that what being a Bengali means? Ah! Forget it. The morning trio- ‘Tea, Phone and Me’- all sat together in the balcony while Yolo kept lying beside us.

As I open Instagram, I see only complains, complains by so many people talking about summers, talking about the heat, talking about the sweat, the never ending tiredness andeverything else that comes along with it. “What rubbish” is my immediate response! I switched off the phone with pleasure. Do you want to know why? This was because no doubt summers have a lot that can be complained about but what about the beauty of the morning sun, the patterns in the shadows, the peace in a cold breeze, the satisfaction from a cold glass of orange juice and of course, the beautiful evening sunsets. I can surely not give that all up just for heat? Can I? No way.

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That was when it hit me that-“If June is the beginning of a hopeful summer then is September a sad end?” Am I stuck in the middle? Sarah Dessen was right I feel.

But perhaps time is never right unless you make it right. Seasons come and seasons go, likewise situations come and situations go. Life needs to go on. After all life is a blend of joy and sorrow and a wonderful experience which needs to be cherished finding positivity and forgetting negativity.

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