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Dance Concert Goes Digital!

Dance Concert Goes Digital!


Sapphire presents India’s maiden digital dance concert. It has a unique concept which will be on air every month, theme of the series being ‘WAIT’.

Choreographer Sudarshan Chakravorty says, “When we face this terrible year of the pandemic and when it indeed becomes a burden of pain when we lose so many luminaries in a single year yet we move on in life and we try to embrace and consolidate ourselves as a community, for me it becomes a responsibility to sustain my group, sustain not just me, but the dreams, aspirations and joy of so many lives attached to me in Sapphire!!!So our tryst with DANCE VIVID continues and this time we qualify it with the verb of ‘WAIT’ as it’s been a year of waiting for everything to be normal.”

It premieres three new short dance works on 22nd Nov, Sunday, 7.30pm to be live streamed from TOPCATCCU as India’s First Digital Dance Concert Monthly Series live streamed to a ticketed audience.

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Theme of the series is WAIT. This year has given us due lessons in slowing down, pausing and waiting. For many months we have been locked in waiting for better happier times.

Waiting to get back to what we have known as normal and familiar. But there have been so many kinds of waiting we have not had a moment to think of. Family members of the ailing, waiting to get their loved ones back home. Political prisoners are waiting for justice. Migrant workers are waiting to reach home and safety. Pets are waiting at home for their humans to return.

As we wait for humans to think rationally and equitably we realise that time is running out for this planet as we know it and we cannot wait for tipping point. Some things need us to act NOW.

We present three new pieces this time like:

1. Barren

Concept & Choreography: Sudarshan Chakravorty

Performers : Bijoy Sharma, Souvik Roy, Sumitava Saha, Avishek Mitra, Ujjayee Banerjee, Promita Karfa,

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2. State Of Mind

Concept & Choreography : Ankita Duttagupta

3. Do U See What I See

Concept & Direction: Paramita Saha

Devised and Performed by: Bijoy Sharma, Souvik Roy, Sumitava Saha, Avishek Mitra, Ujjayee Banerjee, Promita Karfa, Music: Coro Acardenchado( acapella music from Mexico), Inspirations: Ultima Vez, Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto, The Jacob Jonas Company, Roberto Olivan.

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