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World Heritage Week: A Tribute to The City of Joy

World Heritage Week: A Tribute to The City of Joy

Arun Talwar

`Talwar Talks’  pays tribute to the City of Joy during the World Heritage Week

Arun Talwar,  a noted actor and a young thinker who has been associated with the world of advertising as a model and actor for the past 22 years, has come up with a trip-down-memory-lane show “Talwar Talks” on such social media as Facebook and Instagram.

Arun sittingBe it the story of  Yellow Cab of Kolkata, the Dalhousie office Paara, the Majestic Maidan, or the Rajbaris, it aims  to show the journey of Kolkata from Calcutta, including the footprints of the Colonial Era and the Nawab Wajed Ali Shah.

As we know the World Heritage Week is currently on (19 Nov-25 Nov), it’s time to announce some of the upcoming episodes which would feature music of Bengal, the hand-pulled Rickshaw, the Indian marriage band, kites and of course football besides the kind of love the people of Bengal have for this game and so on, says Arun Talwar.

“My biggest  achievements are the opportunities that  have given me a chance to work with some great directors and actors and explore exciting destinations.”

“ I have always been an ardent lover of the Bengali art, culture, movies and of course food. I am an artist who romances with the soil of Kolkata, Bengal and loves the air and water like a true Bengali,” says Talwar.

“I would dare not call myself a historian nor a blogger; my aim is to selflessly and relentlessly promote ‘Amar Shohor’ Kolkata all over India and eventually to the rest of the world.”

“I have chosen Hindi as the medium of communication as it is widely accepted all over the country.” adds Arun.

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“I do have plans to present the entire culture of not only Kolkata but entire Bengal in near future apart from exploring heritage cities like Varanasi, Jaipur and Amritsar,” he concludes.


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