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A Love Letter to the North-east

A Love Letter to the North-east

Land of clouds

Meghalaya is truly heaven on this despaired planet, because everyone on earth deserves to visit the North-east of India at least once in their lifetime

By Kavya Nallabrolu

‘Pinch me, love, I thought I knew how to feel. Thank you, love, you made me feel’ a love letter to the North-East of India.
Do you know, what it is to feel?

That moment will come to you, which will elevate you to glory or lead you to the asylum. In that moment you will stand between your past and future, anchored to the ground beneath you. That moment will awaken you from your broad-eyed slumber and set you on the stage where your heartbeat will truly meet you for the first time.

That moment will come to you, mine did. And it was just that dramatic.

Coming back from poetry to the real world, where I live in a 2BHK apartment with two of my awesome friends. Our apartment is one km away from our university, and we have spent some great times together. Seeking something missing, missing something left behind. I study in Pune, a long way from home which is in Gurugram, near Delhi NCR. It was our summer break, and we were just as ambitious in our travels as we are in our studies. So, we decided to pay the grand North-east a visit.

We were making our way from Shillong to Cherrapunji via road and that is when it happened. That is when I saw the greatest show of all time. The journey was poetry, and my friends can attest to that. Three years of constant togetherness had made the three of us a little too familiar – familiar enough to know each other’s bowel movements too. I kid, of course, but yes, we are very close. I had never felt the urge to immortalize our friendship before that moment. In our car, the music was loud, the conversations louder but outside the window, tasteful silence. I couldn’t dare describe the scene outside my car window. It was enchanting, to say the least. So much so that we decided to halt and get out into the silence.

Kavya with her two friends
Kavya with her two friends

We were instantly greeted by cold winds but we couldn’t care less. The scene before me was timeless. The sun was fighting for attention but it was the clouds’ time to shine. I could feel the soft and light raindrops caressing my face. My face has been caressed by my mother, on occasion by a lover, a friend, the windtoo but never raindrops. It was cold enough to get me to cocoon in my jacket. In the north, the cold is bitter but out here it felt sweet. I was standing on the edge of the road. Before me was a deep, dense, green valley but I could only guess. Because we were shrouded in mist, because the clouds here walk with the common folk.

I ‘Was In a Cloud’. How God damn unreal is that?!

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As if on cue, the clouds in front of us decided to part just a little – as though to give us a glimpse of the drama to unfold, like the much-awaited opening of curtains on a special opera night.

The proud, youthful green mountains standing before me were perpetual and loomed afar. The serrated pine trees that bore roots on those mountains seemed kind. They didn’t sear through the clouds or cut them. The clouds rather provided the mountains protection. From whom, you ask? I think from me, you, from us. Because the clouds have travelled long and far, they have seen the unfortunate side of humanity. Then as suddenly as the clouds had parted, they shut, in a frit, almost scared that I might get my rock cutters and chop off their pride, the mountains. Meghalaya – ‘the land of clouds’; what a glorious name and equally glorious is the land. The world doesn’t revolve around you, me or the sun in the kingdom of clouds, nothing holds more importance than its’ scenic beauty and its’ humble residents.

There was a tea stall nearby. Kong (word used to address a lady in Khasi language) told us how the forests here used to be thicker and the views aesthetically timeless. She told us how fewer and fewer clouds come to visit them each day, because more of us do. She wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, only protecting her home. So why should you and I care about some place up in the hills, where it rains a lot, the roads are slippery and prone to landslides?

Because Meghalaya is truly heaven on this despaired planet, because everyone on earth deserves to visit the North-east of India at least once in their lifetime, because everyone deserves to feel what I felt out there, alive. And because everyone deserves to see what I saw out there. The Greatest Show Ever by Meg H. Megh. मेघ. बादल.

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