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My Queen Mom… The Paradise of The East!

My Queen Mom… The Paradise of The East!

Purabi Sen, a resident of Shillong, Meghalaya and a story teller of our East India Story as well put forward her aggrieved feelings in a write up here, created deep down in her mind due to the present political imbroglio in her Home State which needs to be addressed to by right thinking citizens of State there

How we would love you Mom, the queen of hills, nestled so securely amongst the deep woods against the beautiful whimsical sky and still continue to do so which you didn’t feel ever, or you haven’t yet!!

Your pine lined bushes, the brooks and streams with their merrily dancing, constant sweet rhythmic flows from hill tops to the ground and down to the rivers in the plains, by the sun soaked, well laid roads, bearing the fragrance of Sun flowers in rows beacons me every day Mom, where so ever I stay.

On the way to Mawlynnong
On the way to Mawlynnong | Photograph by Biprangshu Talukder

The overcast sky or sailing clouds in my sky rushes my mind to your sky first to remind me of your wealth of outlandish beauty and the coolness of your inherent fountain of charms to reach out to your arms defying the pains and pangs of the roads, the humiliation at times in the hands of your a few unruly sons, which you didn’t wish for sure!!

meghalaya sky
A typical Meghalayan sky | Photograph by Aniqa Tasnim Tabassum

The painful unanswered queries grill our minds Mom as our love for you has no bounds, it’s so pure like a toddler’s love and smiles, like a morning Rooster’s unbiased calls for every one under the sky.

I wish you fathomed ever even!

Photograph by Aniqa Tasnim Tabassum

Mom, we weren’t alien to you, we belong very much to your sky, land , paddy fields, rivers and streams which we grew up with our hill brethren. But alas! I wish they knew that geographical lines can separate us in papers but not in heart and souls!

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Mom we belong to them as much, as they are to us. While we still love them in their totality, can’t we expect the same from your kids too?

We laughed and cried with them in their well and woes, but bothered they least to extend their loving hands to us. They want to brand us as aliens still and push us back to our erstwhile land!

Mom like our birds still fly in your sky and yours in ours, the same breeze caress our soils, the morning Sun doesn’t divide it’s rays, the rains drench the fields across, the moon beam and the fragrance of flowers too know no bounds, then why we, the children of yours can’t get the share of yours and feel a sense of oneness with you Mom, my loving Meghalaya, the Paradise of the east!!

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Dauki | Photograph by Biprangshu Talukder

Your pristine landscapes and amazing beauties set our imagination free and high and give a sense of deep pride too to feel that your piece of sky still is ours and you would one day come down heavily on the wrong doers!

Love you Mom ever.


Top photograph by Aniqa Tasnim Tabassum

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