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… Yours Truly, The Witness!

… Yours Truly, The Witness!

For those of us who need to get past the mental storms of our daily stresses, the writer Genuica Majaw suggests journaling as an effective stress buster

I’m lying here cold and worn in the dark within the confines of this rectangular prison, stacked against other things. Maybe one day, when my purpose had been served, my limbs might be torn apart and I might be burned to ashes carrying with me the secrets and the tears of the ones who once loved me.

You may wonder on whom I might be to be able to predict or perhaps wish such a tragic ending upon my very own existence. You might as well conclude that I existed mainly for this purpose. I am the silent witness of the darkest secrets of a human mind and heart. I am a confidant of many weary souls. They spoke and bared the depths of their souls to me. Yet, I am forever mute. I could not comfort them with words. Yet my existence saved the lives of many. They come to me with their sorrows and joys and their emotions overflowed in every inch of my limb. Do they dare tell the things they confided in me to another soul? Do they dare? I’m confident they won’t or maybe they can’t. For no one is as good at keeping secrets as I am.

Yours Truly, The Witness.

In our journey on this blue arc, we have been witnesses to many daily events. Some are filled with rain and storm while some are filled with flowers and sunshine. Others have been witnessing our activities as well. But I would classify them as partial witnesses. They can only see that which we choose to let them see. What about our hidden emotions, our silent tears, our hidden feeling and all that we bury deep within our hearts?

Many of us wanted to let them out but we can’t. We risk exposure under the scrutiny of judgemental eyes. We have our own demons but we can’t tell others about them for we can’t trust them with our secrets. We are anxious, scared, depressed and unhappy. We fall victim to over-thinking.

There are secrets that we can’t spill even to our therapists. Well let me tell you something, talking about your stress to a trusted someone might help ease the burden that weighs us down. It helps us to let go of all the bad energy that is holding us back. But, if you have trust issues and other insecurities the best solution is to keep a diary/journal. Let it be your witness. Write everything down. Whatever you wrote or spilt on it will stay there. No rumours would be spread, no judgements passed and no sympathy offered either. There is only that pure joy of letting go. Many great personalities like Anne Frank, Mark Twain and Frida Kahlo kept journals. We only know so much about them through their journals which became history. Anne Frank’s journal became a classic literary piece which everyone referred to when they talked/studied about the Holocaust. But, at one time, that diary was witness to what young Anne was going through in her life.

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Keep a journal as your confidant. It helps in reducing stress and improving your memory; it also helps in improving your moods; it helps in organizing your thoughts and encourages good habits. However, don’t hope for your diary to be a literary masterpiece because in doing so you will never be able to be true towards your act of letting go.

I have always been scared of people finding out certain truths about me. Hiding my diary was not enough to kill that insecurity so after getting a fresh diary I would burn the old one and that became my own little ritual of letting go. So, my diary/ journal became my sole witness that knows me for who I really am. It was, and still is, the only friend that stood beside me and helps keep my demons at bay.

So I would suggest to you to keep a diary, if you ever need someone to talk to. It’s a witness that will never let you down.

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