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Review of a Timeless Classic

Review of a Timeless Classic

Alfinaz reading her favourite book "The Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank

There are very few book lovers who have not read ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank. The Diary is a masterpiece by a 13yr old Anne Frank who died in the Nazi concentration camps. It is rather amazing that how a Diary written in that era still mesmerise us with the immense strength and hope and bravery of that little girl Anne Frank. Here we have an incredible review of The Diary by the young writer Alfinaz Hassan on whom the book has left a deep impact!

With additional narrative by Ananya Das
{Timeless classic refer to those books whose auras remain unchanged with time. These classics serve as a nutrition for our ‘minds’ and introduce us to a variety of exuberant topics. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (also known as The Diary of Anne Frank) is one of those timeless classics. It was written by Frank, a Jewish girl, when she was in hiding with her family during the ‘Nazi occupation of the Netherlands’.
Anne Frank wrote the diary during the peak of Hitler’s prosecution of the races he considered ‘subhuman’, mainly Jews. Hitler believed that Germany failed to secure victory during the Great War due to the ‘impurity’ of these races, and after his rapid rise in power, prosecuted Jews and many other races. He sent them to labour camps, and if they refused the Fuhrer’s orders, they were either executed or tortured into submission. Jews were refused basic rights, and were stripped of their German citizenship. Their lands were forcefully taken from them, they were forced to work without wages or proper food, and they were sent to concentration camps, and it was not uncommon for the Fuhrer to have them slaughtered en masse. Many were forced into hiding, and were promptly executed when they were found.
The Diary of a Young Girl still manages to awe its readers just as it inspired when it was first found and developed into a book. Anne Frank got a diary as her 13th birthday present and began documenting her daily life in the hiding just immediately after she got the diary. The diary was found after her death in the Nazi deportation camps. Anne was just 15 years old when she died of typhus. – ANANYA DAS}

Reading books is a very good pass time, especially for young people. There are many books on fantasy, adventure, education, biography, autobiography etc. available today. I love to read books of all kind. My favourite book is “The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank.” This is a well-known book that most of us have read. It preserves the diary of a young girl named Anne Frank, written during one of the most horrific periods of human history.

The book has left a profound impact on me. I like the way Anne had described every bit of her days in the hiding and how she had to become a victim of the madness of Adolf Hitler, since she was a Jew. She had started writing her diary two days after she had received it as a birthday gift. She addressed the diary as an imaginary friend “kitty”. Anne illustrated the tortures and troubles faced by the Jews. She expressed her thoughts and feelings she had while she was in the hiding. She also described her life and the people whose lives were snuffed out tragically by the workings of a twisted manic ideology. She gave a beautiful picture of her visions and her innocent mind.

The book has successfully given recognition to many others like her, who had been victimised by the heinous acts. It also conveys moral value. One of them is, we should be happy with whatever we have. Thousands of people are suffering because of different factors like poverty, civil unrest, etc. Take for example, the people in Afghanistan, they are terrorised by the Taliban, especially women.

The book has given the voice of the people who had been affected by the World War II, and showed theworld the real sufferings. The writer has also wonderfully given her view of life. She shared her patience and anxieties she had in the hiding. She described how she had a dreadful fear that someday she and her family would also be killed by those merciless people. But, she always tried to keep her spirit and hope for a better tomorrow. She believed that good days always come so we must never giveup on our esperances.

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Anne Frank’s diary displays a strong and courageous person she had within her. It also sheds light on her perception of people, and the effects of their behaviour and mentality on their life. She also said that we should possess human compassions and a caring nature, instead of being self-centred.

Well, at last I conclude that the book had captured the true picture of human life. Though it was soinnocently written, but it has given a natural way of seeing the world. Anne Frank had truly mastered the depth of her thinking. Her integrity of humanity is quite appreciable. Nowadays, there is a dearth of such visionary. Nevertheless, I still hope that people change with time. This is a book that every person should read. You get a chance to see the world through the eyes of a young teenager who was forced to live in a pathetic situation. I think it can change the way we judge the world. This is my review of my favourite book “The diary of a young girl, Anne Frank”.

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