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Young Mind’s Thoughts On “ Freedom”

Young Mind’s Thoughts On “ Freedom”

Young Minds

Young minds are effervescent- they are bubbles that incessantly burst into tremendous energy, enthusiasm and rebellion. They break norms and have the courage to build and define age-old thoughts into newer dimensions. On the eve of the 75th Independence day of India, East India Story has curated the thoughts of such young teens from across the country.When we approached them to know their views on “What comes to your mind when you hear the word freedom? What should it actually mean?”, this is what they had to say-


Ankan DeAccording to me freedom is a state where a person (be it a child or an adult) can independently take his/her own decisions without being interfered. It is when you are able to speak, think and act without restraint, without hesitation, without hindrance.

That does not mean that a child’s parents can’t give instructions to him or her…but it means that as long as it isn’t a harmful decision for him/her, he/she can continue with it.

As described in the Indian Constitution, freedom is every citizen’s birthright, but it does not mean we can misuse it. Freedom describes our capacity to make choices that are genuinely our own. With freedom also comes moral responsibility – our ownership of our good and bad deeds.Freedom actually should mean self-determination. It is what enables humanity to achieve its unlimited potential, without interference from anything or anyone.

So, I would like to conclude by a line quoted by a former president of the United States of America, Sir John F. Kennedy, “The most powerful SINGLE force in the WORLD is neither COMMUNISM nor CAPITALISM, neither the H-BOMB nor the GUIDED MISSILE…it is man’s eternal desire to be FREE AND INDEPENDENT.”

ANKAN DE    |    Grade IX, ROYAL GLOBAL SCHOOL, Guwahati


A privilege is something to be won, not given.

In today’s time, do we know what it’s like to be free? Most of us would say yes, but says otherwise. We are lucky to have freedom and autonomy. We are fortunate to make our own decisions. All in all, we are proud to be Indians. But we have been enjoying the benefits for so long that we end up taking it for granted.

But this was not the same story a few decades ago. We were engaged in a struggle for a luxury that we take for granted nowadays-The luxury of freedom! It was the fruit of our ancestors’ struggle decades ago, that we reap today. For years, India has celebrated one day to look back, and think, “This is not something we can forget.”

Happy Independence Day!

ADVAITH SAI PANDA    |    Grade VIII, Delhi Public School Whitefield, Bangalore


Alfinaz HassanWhen I hear the word freedom, the very first thing that comes to my mind is being fearless for your own actions. Being free means achieving liberty and not being slaved by anyone. No one can rule you at his / her whim. Freedom means being able to possess public rights. You are not dominated by anyone. Life is just like wet clay, and when you are free, you can shape your life the way you want. If you are born in this world, it is not only your most important right to freedom but also your duty to raise your voice for your freedom. It is the natural instinct of everyone to protect their rights of freedom, regardless of what you are, whether you are a human or an animal. If someone tries to control you, you get very infuriated. This is because the thirst for freedom aches your parched throat. Hence, freedom is an intense feeling of happiness and liberty when you can be yourself without being restricted by anyone.

ALFINAZ HASSAN     |    Grade VII, St. Mary’s H.S. School, Guwahati


AkshitaIn my opinion, freedom is being free from anyone’s control and just living our life however we want to, basically to be free from anything which is holding you back and not letting you live as you wish to. Just be how we want to be. We do many things we don’t want to, thinking, ‘I have to do this’. But if you keep on living by thinking that then you don’t know what YOU really want to do, so do what you want to, don’t listen to others and what they think of you. Be who you truly want to be.

AKSHITA CHAKRABORTY     |    Grade VIII, Sanskriti the Gurukul, Guwahati


ChitraniBeing trapped in your darkest fears,

Is not freedom,

Being forced to try something awful,

Is not freedom,

So, what is?

To dream of what is impossible,

Is freedom,

To ignore the oppressive voices,

Is freedom,

What would life be without feeling free?



DebopomThe very word ‘freedom’ means the independence of living a life the way you want to. The definition of freedom is different for different people. So, the first thing which strikes my mind after coming across the word ‘freedom’ is to live in a “world without Covid 19”.

Till February 2020, my life was all good. I had the freedom that I needed. There was no fear of getting infected by a tiny deadly virus. But everything changed all at once just within a month. The boy who loved travelling was made to stay indoors for months. There was no change in daily routine and my life was confined to the four walls of the room. Then, everything was gradually becoming normal till the emergence of the 2nd wave. Hence, for the last one and half years, I have lost the freedom to roam about wherever I wish. I had to wear masks each and every time I moved out.

Undoubtedly, by the word “Freedom”, we usually mean “The Great Freedom Struggle“… But currently, overcoming this covid situation is not less than a freedom to me… I want to live the “covid free life” back again. I am eagerly waiting to go to school again, meet my friends and enjoy with them… And I hope that day will come soon.

I know many people like me are eagerly waiting to live a normal life again. Many have also lost their near and loved ones. So, I wish to have a new world free from the clutches of Covid 19.

DEBOPOM DEY    |    Grade IX, Stepping Stone Model School, Alipurduar


IshanTo be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” This quote by Nelson Mandela effectively sums up what it means to be free in a nutshell. Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre thought we were hopelessly free, despite our external circumstances or “facticity.” The definition of freedom is subjective but the widely agreed one is to live freely without being constrained or judged by society. The word freedom resonates well with the youth of our country for they are known to be rebellious and have a penchant to do the unusual. As India celebrates its 75th Independence Day, it is pertinent to understand what freedom means as the younger generation is yet to comprehend what freedom signifies. Freedom comes with responsibility and it is imperative that it is built upon mutual respect and trust so as to develop a holistic society.

ISHAN CHOWDHURY    |    Grade X, VIBGYOR High School, Bangalore


JahnabiI am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will” as quoted by Charlotte Brontë refers to the right of freedom that every individual has.

The first thought that comes to my mind when I think about freedom, is the sacrifice of our respected freedom fighters. Those who endured so much pain for an independent India. It reminds me of the statue of Unity, which stands proudly in Gujarat representing the patriotism in the hearts of those freedom fighters and every patriotic Indian. It also warns me about our beloved daughters of India, who still don’t have freedom and fear the society. I want every individual, both men and women to fight for their human rights and freedom, so that we can have a better India tomorrow.

JAHNABI DASGUPTA    |    Grade VIII, Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Silchar


NabarniFreedom-doesn’t that make us kids think of when exams are getting over for good? What really is just a week or two, feels like a year of never ending studies. All we want to do is jump on the bed, grab a book, binge watch movies and shows, spend time with friends & family and so much more. Considering the Covid situation, freedom, to us, is finally getting to see our friends, going to school/office, loosening up the workload at home etc. Who’s to deny that? I definitely won’t. The word ‘freedom’ is used in several ways, but what does ‘freedom’ actually mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘freedom’ is defined as, “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants”. Freedom is when citizens can walk the streets without fear of harassment, when citizens can trust politicians without the fear of betrayal, when citizens can follow the religion of their choice without being constantly discriminated against, etc. During colonial times, the British established control over the Indian economy and society, enslaving the entire system to their whims and desires. After 200 years of merciless rule, a free India faced controversial situations while drafting the constitution since citizens of India followed different religions, had different ideas on the governance of India, etc. Finally, on 26th November 1949, a Constitution was adopted, drafted by Dr. B.R Ambedkar, to protect us from ourselves and prevent disharmony among citizens.

Even after gaining independence from a foreign rule, not all social evils were abolished, and quite a few arose recently, for example: Honour Killing, Gender Inequality, Prostitution, Dowry, Racism Religious Disharmony etc. Yes, after the British left India, we do have the basic rights and the power to speak or think as we wish to. But, not all the issues have been resolved yet. Citizens still fight amongst themselves, a huge amount of corruption exists in society, etc. but India is nowhere near stopping its quest to become a developed and ‘free’ country. Even though we’ve gained our ‘freedom’ from the British, freedom in the true sense of the term has not yet been attained in our society. When we can treat everyone equally, when we can inhale unpolluted air, when a woman can roam about without any fear of being harmed, that’s when we’ll be actually free!

NABARNI DAS    |    Grade VIII, Delhi Public School Whitefield, Bangalore


NishantWhenever I hear the word ‘Freedom’, the words like justice, liberty, independence comes to my mind. Also as being an Indian how can I forget about the 1947’s Independence of India from the British rulers. Freedom is not just a word- it is a feeling of being free/independent from any external pressure. Freedom is precious for humans as it is our birthright. Birds and other animals also require freedom. Like, when we keep a bird in a cage, the bird tries to fly away in the sky and enjoy her freedom. Similarly when Indians were in the cage of British rule, they wanted their freedom for which they had to fight and revolt against the British and make tremendous sacrifices. If we are free from any external pressure, be it social, emotional, political or even from school, then it makes us feel happy, this is the state when we actually feel our freedom.

NISHANT DEV    |    Grade IX, KendriyaVidyalaya CRPF School, Guwahati


PrachiWhenever we hear about the word ‘freedom’ the first thing that pops into our mind is what is freedom? Freedom is one-word but it can be expressed in many different ways as one can have different thoughts and ideas about it. The actual meaning of freedom is to do whatever you like independentlywithout any restrictions. Freedom is a sole right which humans have since their birth. A real example of freedom can be seen in our India, which was earlier a colonized country. The harsh and vicious ruling of Britishers, snatched away independence and individual right of the citizens of India. In order to get rid of these rules as well as the foreigners, Indians fought back and earned their freedom. Many freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mangal Panday and many others stood up and protested against these laws, either verbally, violently, non-violently or by countless negotiations. 15th August 1947 marks the end of British rule and colonisation and brings ultimate independence and freedom to the country which filled it with immense cheer and joy.

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The real value of freedom can only be understood by those who have earned it or have sacrificed their lives for it. Hence, all people define freedom in their own right and enjoy it in the way they feel appropriate.


PRACHI DEBNATH    |    Grade IX, SBOA Public School, Guwahati


RiddhimanFreedom means to be totally free

To fly like a bird from tree to tree.

Irrespective of caste, creed and age

Absolutely free from all bondage.

But Freedom for me means no restriction

Only relaxing, playing and watching television.

No more studying, no homeworks

No reading about the invading Turks.

Free from all worries and tension

No discussion about any examination.

When I can take my own decision

Without bothering about taking permission.

Where I am the king of my own kingdom,

This is my definition of Freedom.

Riddhiman Roy Choudhury    |    Grade VII, St. Vincent De Paul School, Kolkata


SaeshaFreedom is something greatly sought after. Everyone wants a bit of freedom to be able to do things, grow, and learn. Without freedom, life would be like a bird in a cage. Instead of being able to fly freely, you would be stuck behind bars. People fight for freedom to feel less encaged, to be able to do things for themselves and people around them. If there wasn’t any freedom in our lives, each day would be misery. We would be constantly limited on the things we can do, and not explore our true potential. Whether it’s as one single person or a country, freedom is an incredibly important concept in life.

SAESHA DEB    |    Grade IX, Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad



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  • Freedom to us meant a holiday. But let me not be self-referential and imitative. This is about the progenies ..
    Ankan : I remember his father once wanted suggestion on the story of Drona and Akalaviya. Lincon you and Kaveri have done a great job in nurturing sagacious thoughts in him.
    Avaith : Respect …yes you have won it, I just did not give, you have won it.
    Alfinaz : Yes my dear always be free, live free as you were born free.
    Akshita : My little princess, the sweet little child..”Uncle amar chocolate kothay” she used to say, that chocolate girl has shown me her intellect today. Makes me happy.
    Chitrani : Little words speaks it all. Mesmerizing.
    Debopom : We shall overcome , my dear we shall overcome from Covid. Keep the faith
    Ishan: Quoting Nelson Mandela ? Wow I as a student of the 10th standard could only read my text books. You impress me.
    Jahnabi : Charlotte Brontë !! I read her only when I was 22 and you are a student of class 8. Kudos to the Gen-x.
    Nabarni : I remember you as a kid who had dreams. Today you truly have brought your dreams to reality with your writings. The articulating style of your mother and honesty of your father has shown you the path.
    Nishant : Yes feel your feeling and always be free.
    Prachi : Express your freedom in whatever way you want. Always be free dear.

    Riddhiman : Mamuuuu,
    You always impress me.
    You are so dear to me
    Always be free
    Saesha : Always be free my child. never doubt that you are valuable and powerful. A child well nurtured by Piku and Poushali.

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