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Twirl It Like A Noodle

Twirl It Like A Noodle


A love affair with noodles is what makes the writer Sudeepa Roy’s life more special. It’s a love she has not outgrown ever since she was a child

Our childhood holds a chunk of nostalgia about noodles and the halo surrounding them. During this time, the classic advertisement for Maggi Noodles on Doordarshan was equally alluring and addictive. Running back home after a school-day or play time in the evening, to slurp a bowl full of hot noodles was as propitious for the kids as the advert itself.

It would also evoke a display of playful efforts by the kids to slurp the singular longest strings uninterruptedly in the fastest possible time. Little aware of the myth that “long noodles meant long life!” the kids slurped it all up. This phenomenal craze for noodles was frankly lured by both – taste and time.

Moreover, excitement and contentment filled the hearts of both young and the old whenever noodles became a food of choice for a meal. However, such cases mostly involved elaborate preparations where boiled noodles were sautéed with a handful of vegetable cuts and a side of chicken glazed in soya sauce.

Home made noodles with sauted Chicken
Home made noodles with sautéed Chicken

Very often noodles sautéed with vegetables and scrambled eggs would replace or accompany a petite snack like samosa or patty, which would otherwise be offered along with tea to any near and dear friend or to a relative on an occasional home visit for recreation.

During school days, boiled noodles (Maggi mostly) in school tiffins was a common affair. Though the boiled strings on getting cold would coil up to a chunky mass contouring the boundaries of the tiffin box, yet the choice for it would remain undeterred. Sometimes, a fried version of the noodles would get selective preference in tiffin-box to avert the inconvenience of lump formation.

Surprisingly, even though my childhood has become a memory and motherhood is in full swing, fetish for noodles has not undergone any change. Now, the only thing that inquests my mind and choices are related to the history and origin of these magic strings; the possibilities of using them in different cuisines and exploring related recipes from different countries.

All in all, the enduring aura of noodles remains as pervasive as the numerous contentious discussions related to its origin. Whether it is wrapped in a packet or foisted in a tub as cup ‘o’ noodles, very often, the mere addition of a dash of hot water and a handful of spices or herbs makes it ready to be slurped, anytime, anywhere. Only a few kids or grown-ups from our own aeon would falter in citing their self version of the noodle-tell-o-tale.

Over time, the culinary possibilities with noodles have run parallel to the emerging versions of its own new forms and shapes. Though not all pastas are noodles yet essentially all noodles are pastas in a number of forms: Spaghetti, linguines, capellini, fettuccine, bucatini, tortellini, pappardelle, vermicelli and others, offer a bulky range of budding culinary ideas that anyone can successfully experiment with.

vermicelli cooked in Noodle Style
Vermicelli cooked in Noodle Style

Of all these, till date, my favourite and the best remains the one prepared by my Maa as a simple common hot and slurry traditional Indian masala Maggi or sometimes as Chowmein enhanced with a tossing of fried vegetables, eggs or shrimps, a hearty swirl of ketchup on the top, and a bowl full of blooming salad as a side.

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While, a hearty acceptance of these noodle strips despite their world-wide popularity remains impeded due to the presence of bleached flour and associated gluten in its composition, I continue doodling around the all possible evolving trends of the noodle and noodle stories that are yet to contribute to its culinary variations.

In every case, the noodle stories must sprout from new homes, new minds disentangling new scopes, and craft memories that soar higher and higher to touch the upcoming generations.

Pan Fried Noodle by @HomeChef_24_7 Jyoti Bajaj



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