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The Style Grove Unites Fashion

The Style Grove Unites Fashion

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Discover the convergence of fashion, luxury, and sustainability at The Style Grove Exhibition hosted in Kolkata’s exquisite ITC Royal Bengal. This Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show presents a dynamic blend of creativity and eco-consciousness, uniting designers, artists, and influencers to champion recycling and sustainability within the fashion industry.

The city of Kolkata played host to an extraordinary amalgamation of fashion, luxury, and sustainability at the Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show – The Style Grove, held at the lavish ITC Royal Bengal. This event, which united esteemed designers, artists, and eco-conscious enthusiasts, was more than just a celebration of style; it stood as a resolute commitment to advancing recycling and sustainability within the fashion industry. Under the resplendent chandeliers of the ITC Royal Bengal, attendees were treated to a captivating display of specially curated fashion collections from across India and international brands. The Style Grove event not only showcased creativity but also encouraged attendees to embrace a sustainable ethos through innovative initiatives.

The Style Grove Exhibition garnered attendance from notable personalities including Richa Sharma, Imran Zaki, Sanaya Mehta Vyas, Shreya Pande, Sayantani Guhathakurta, and several others who are making their mark in various fields. The event saw the participation of distinguished designers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who shared a common vision of merging fashion with sustainability.

Ms. Anisha Juneja, the Curator of The Style Grove, expressed her excitement about hosting a remarkable Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show that not only highlighted exceptional design talents but also championed the cause of sustainability. By advocating for recycling and eco-conscious practices, she believed that the event could drive a significant transformation in the industry, steering it towards a more sustainable future. The Style Grove partnered with The Earth Day Network, which is at the forefront of environmental advocacy, and kicked off the event by honoring Sanaya Mehta Vyass as the “Athlete of the Earth” for the month.

Ms. Varsha Wadhwa Chirimar, another curator of The Style Grove, noted that the event’s success was evident from the attendees’ enthusiasm and engagement, as well as the positive feedback received from designers, artists, and industry insiders. The opulent setting of the ITC Royal Bengal perfectly complemented the elegance and purpose of the occasion, creating an ideal backdrop for a gathering focused on the intersection of style and sustainability.

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The Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show held on August 23, 2023, marked a significant stride in redefining the fashion landscape as a positive force for change. By seamlessly blending style and sustainability, the event sparked fresh dialogues and actions within the fashion community. The Style Grove aimed to encourage conscious consumerism, inspiring attendees to make responsible fashion choices and raising awareness about recycling and sustainability. The event featured an array of renowned brands including Zimmerman, Self – Portrait, Farm Rio, Cult Gaia, Reynu Tondon, Neeraj & Alpana, Nipa Badiani, Hype Time, Panor by Gunjan Suri, Mallika Bhasin, and others.

Behind the Scenes, Anisha Juneja & Varsha Wadhwa Chirimar, the masterminds behind The Style Grove, are visionaries in the fashion and lifestyle realm, dedicated to fostering positive change. Through their meticulous curation of events, they aspire to reshape the industry’s narrative and inspire others to recognize the significance of recycling and sustainability. Their dedication to sustainable style brings hope for a more conscientious and ecologically responsible future within the fashion world.

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