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Freedom at Midday

Freedom at Midday

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It was just another day for Amit Kumar with his camera. But things changed as he saw a man granting freedom to his turtle from captivity. He went on clicking many more pictures on that day which he shared in this photo story.

I was taking pictures by the river this morning when a man, complete stranger, rode up, and said to me: ‘I have a gift for you.’

He asked me to get my camera ready and emptied his cloth bag into the river.

A foot-long turtle tumbled out. After a minute of keeping its neck tucked in, it puffed, looked around, and then began paddling away.

The man said to it, ‘You are free now, buddy.’

Then he turned to me and said, ‘Lucky day for both of you.’


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Within the next 45 minutes, I made several new acquaintances by the bank: a furry four-eyed spider, angled castor butterfly, kingfisher and the patient and picturesque fisherman.

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