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And Into A Trap She Walked

And Into A Trap She Walked

Sonakshi suspects her husband

Sonakshi had begun mistrusting her husband Santhosh ever since she heard him talking to his Honey, Darling and Luv on the phone. If she could catch him red-handed, she could make his life hell… but could she?

By Rhituparna Chakraborty

Sonakshi was a social worker. She fought for the rights of women. For her, every woman under the sun was powerful. All a woman needed was some courage to fight against the wrongs meted to her, that was her belief.

Born in the lush greenery of a small town in Assam, Sonakshi was not used to the hustle bustle of city life. Very often she used to recall her days of childhood when she would sit and play with her friends underneath the Amla tree in the garden of her dad’s office accommodation. There would be some rose shrubs and hibiscus plants in the vicinity with bees humming occasionally but never hurting any human.

Apparently, the bees were used to people around them. The house where Sonakshi lived with her parents and little sister comprised three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and sprawling back and front yards. Her dad was a distinguished officer and hence the house was massive and comfortable.

Since it was a residential colony, the place was safe for children to play around. All the kids had to be careful about was, to close the gates of their respective houses before they left for the playground. Why? Well, there would be cows and goats roaming merrily around. If any of the gates remained open, these docile animals would have a gala time messing up the front yard.

After her Std XII exams, Sonakshi moved to Delhi and pursued Humanities. She had an innate trait of a leader. With a height of 5 feet 8 inches, slender structure, jet black silky hair, flawless skin, an oval shaped face, straight edged nose and soft lips, Sonakshi could have easily made it to the world of glamour. Actually, she had got quite a few offers also during her post-graduation, but she wanted to serve humanity and hence chose Social Work.

She had met Santhosh in an event. Santhosh Venugopal was around 5 feet 6 inches tall with the looks of a geek. He had graduated from IIT Kharagpur and was working in a reputed MNC. Conducting quiz shows was his hobby. He was at the event, as a host of a quiz show when he saw Sonakshi Sen. Clad in a light pink chiffon saree with matching pink accessories, nude lipstick, a tiny little ‘bindi’ on her forehead, Sonakshi looked stunning.

Santhosh could not take his eyes off her. The breeze from the fans gently swayed a part of Sonakshi’s saree uncovering her slender waist. Santhosh was mesmerized by her soft skin and elegance. She was not only beautiful but also intelligent. He spoke with her regarding some information pertaining to current affairs and realized she was well informed.

Well, Santhosh fell head over heels in love. As for Sonakshi, she was not so keen on falling in love or getting married but Santhosh left no stone unturned to woo her. The things he did for her won her heart. He was there when she needed help in making her passport. He helped her with Visa formalities when she had to go abroad for some work. And, when she was in the clutches of Dengue, he stayed by her side throughout.

Marriage naturally followed. It had been three years now and life was smooth. However, Sonakshi felt suffocated in her two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai. Although the apartment was in a plush locality in South Mumbai and she had a chauffeur driven carat her disposal, Sonakshi missed her childhood life a lot.

She had always wanted to settle down in a small town, amidst opulent green valleys hedged by hills, chirpy friends in the neighborhood, relaxed life and immense peace. Her job here in Mumbai was not full time. Hence evening hours never seemed to pass. Sometimes she would stand in her small yet elegant balcony and gaze at the setting sun with a cup of tea in her hand with the flowers in the flowerpots emanating blissful fragrance, or sometimes she would binge watch some web series in the classy bedroom ornated with stately décor. She lived in lap of luxury, but she was not happy.

Apart from being lonely, there was something else that was troubling Sonakshi since some days. Santhosh had begun coming home rather late and half the time he was busy on the phone. Although Santhosh had said that they were all client calls, Sonakshi wasn’t so sure. Sometimes the calls would go on for hours. Well she wouldn’t have been suspicious if hadn’t she heard the words ‘Darling’, ‘Love’, ‘Honey’.

Yes, she was eavesdropping. She had never done such a gruff thing in her life. However, being a social worker, she had come across incidents where husbands cheated on their wives. Honey trapping was prevalent in corporates. This led to ugly divorces, families breaking up, children suffering and not to forget agonizing mental perturbation. She had tried to console herself by saying that whatever she was presuming about Santhosh might not be true.

Hence, she stopped eaves dropping. But, she became leery when she once heard Santhosh saying, “Honey, we are doing this all for love. Let us see if things work out.” This she had heard day before yesterday. Yesterday, she heard him saying, “Darling, we need to find a way or else we will fail love. And you know what failure means. We won’t let this happen. We will make it.”

Sonakshi cried her heart out. She did not want Santhosh to know that she knew what was going on. She was heartbroken. She had trusted him. The guy who always used to kiss her forehead before going to work; the guy who used to wrap his arm around her waist unannounced when she would be working in the kitchen; the guy who would steal kisses from her when she was immersed in work, that guy was now cheating on her. She wished she could ask him where she had gone wrong! What had she done to deserve this!

After she had thought about it a bit, Sonakshi decided to collect evidence. She was not weak. She would get a divorce but before that she would let the world know what a scamster her husband was. She could not bear his deceit and lies. All these years, Santhosh had called Sonakshi by her name. And now he was addressing his girl friend as ‘Darling’ and ‘Honey’. “Oh Santhosh,”she thought angrily, “you are going to be in a soup. Just you wait!”

Today after coming from work, while having dinner, Santhosh told Sonakshi with a warm smile on his lips, ‘The crispy okras and lentil soup arejust wow. I could die for these dishes.” Sonakshi smiled and said nothing. Deep in her heart she told herself, “Sweetheart Santhosh, you deserve to die.”

Santhosh then said, “I feel like licking the plate, but wouldn’t it be better if I kiss those beautiful hands of yours? After all, this food wouldn’t have been so delectable if you hadn’t cooked it.”

Sonakshi knew that everything Santhosh was saying was nothing but lies. His heart is with his ‘honey’ and I am just a cook and cleaner for him and nothing else.’

Very soon this ‘honey’ of his will grab her promotion and eventually she will grab Santhosh and snatch him away. “Well, before that happens, I will file for a divorce,”Sonakshi seethed. “All I need to do is catch him red handed.”

Sonakshi was lost deep in her vengeful thoughts and was startled when Santhosh touched her shoulder gently and said, “Before I forget, tomorrow I will be late. Please have your dinner and go to sleep. I have a meeting.” Sonakshi nodded and said, ‘Hmm’. She then smiled and asked, ‘Will your meeting will be in the office itself?’ Santhosh replied, “Not sure. Let’s see what the team decides.”

Sonakshi smirked and said nothing.

Next evening clad in a burqa, Sonakshi waited outside Santhosh’s office. At around 7:30 pm, he came to the parking and drove out. Sonakshi followed him in her friend’s borrowed car. He drove to a plush hotel and Sonakshi was in tears. “So here is where Santhosh has his meeting. In this grand hotel.” She parked her car at a short distance and stealthily followed him into the hotel.

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He spoke with someone at the reception and a lady from the reception escorted him to the hotel’s lavish restaurant. He sat down comfortably at one of the tables and started texting someone. Sonakshi grabbed a corner table with her eyes fixed on his table. Just then a tall, toned and jaw dropping gorgeous girl, wearing a knee length floral frill skirt and a body hugging top walked in.

As she walked with those sleek stilettos embracing her feet, she turned heads. And she was walking in the direction of Santhosh’s table. “This is the last straw,” Sonakshi fumed with rage. She yanked off her burqa and stormed towards the girl to catch Santhosh and her red-handed when a gentleman walked upto the girl, hugged her and escorted her to his table.

Apparently that man was the girl’s boyfriend. Sonakshi was in a daze. Before she could go back to her table a surprised voice called out, “Sonakshi!’ She turned around. It was Santhosh. Before she could say anything, he asked her, “What are your doing here? And why are you wearing this burqa?”

Sonakshi groped for words. Her eyes flickered. She stammered, “I…I…..”…. As she was about to say something, three gentlemen walked up to them and said to Santhosh, “Oh here you are!” Santhosh looked at the gentleman, smiled warmly, shook hands with him and said, ‘Oh Hello Mr. Darling. Please come. We have that table reserved for our meeting.”Sonakshi was startled when she heard Santhosh addressing one of them as “Darling”. He was potbellied with a bald spot, wearing a loose T-shirt with a pair of formal trousers. He must have been in his early 60s.

The other two appeared to be in their early50s. One of them resembled yesteryear’s Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha and the other looked a lot like Bollywood’s splendid comedian and versatile actor, ‘Kader Khan’. Sonakshi looked at them baffled when Santhosh looked at Sonakshi and said, “Sonakshi, meet my clients – Mr. Luv Arora, Mr. Dibendu Darling and Mr. Honey Kharbanda.”

Pointing at the middle-aged gentleman, Santhosh said, “Luv is investing in our new project. He has come all the way from Boston for this meeting.” Then looking at the gentleman who resembled ‘Shatrughan Sinha’, Santhoshcarried on, “Honey and I have come up with great idea only for Luv.”

“However, had it not been for Mr. Darling, we would not have come this far.” Santhosh then looked at Sonakshi and said, “By the way, you did not tell me how come you are here and that too in this attire?”

Sonakshi replied after a quick thought, “Well, I was doing some sleuthing for one of my clients. My job is done now. I will take your leave.” Santhosh then looked at his clients and said, “Sorry Gentlemen, I forgot to introduce you all to my wife.” Looking at Sonakshi he said, “She is my wife, Sonakshi. The lady whose unwavering trust has helped me in finding myself and my dreams.”

Sonakshi drove home lost in the whirlpool of a guilt she would carry in her heart forever.

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  • Oh.. A fresh way of presenting a mesmerising tale.. Hibiscus roses and bees… From the memories of Lush greenery of Assam to tje chaos of the maximum city.. Honey Kharbanda is so convincing.. Till the restaurant part i was sure Santhosh had’am you write beautifully… ‘nude ‘lipstick is catchy..

  • Hilarious😂. I could sense a bit of O’ Henry at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it👌. Keep writing!

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