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Addas Are Built With Togetherness

Addas Are Built With Togetherness

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Living in this virtual world, we are so busy with technology and careers that hardly we get time for ‘addas’

By Topashish Bhattacharya

Lasting impressions with childhood memories have certainly moulded my thoughts. Each one of us had nostalgic memories filled with sweetness and some are savoury. Today as I pause and think, it is the feeling of being loved by my parents that makes the most influential contribution in my childhood.

I remember during my school days when I was studying in Shillong my father used to teach me a Bengali rhyme ‘Sokale uthiya ami mone mone boli, saradin ami jeno bhalo hoye choli.’ As I open my eyelids to the morn, I murmur to myself, let me be goodness personified through the day! Today when I recall this beautiful rhyme, I still love it. It was just those lines which I had mugged up and loved reciting.

Our schools used to be closed on second Saturdays and Sundays. I could sleep as long as I want, and dream about many things especially when I grow up. Getting up early in my childhood was never a challenge. In my childhood I used to have a very relaxed day with no tension or worries. During the week days, after returning back from the schooI, I used to spend times with my friends playing in our locality or just hang around with them chatting, we call it “adda” in Bengali.

Sunday was the only day I was allowed to watch ‘Rangoli’ on Doordarshan and in the afternoon I used to watch some classic movies along with my parents. We used to watch movies made by Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Basu Chatterjee. Mukherjee and Chatterjee were great filmmakers and their style of filmmaking is amazing and I can say I am a big fan even today.

Their stories used to be very simple and straight, have perfect execution and their storytelling is the highpoint in every film. The way characters portrayed their respective roles was simply amazing and I used to dream that when I grow up, my life would be like their heroes. Especially Amol Palekar’s character whom I loved the most. In fact, I used to get carried away by his roles.

I used to think that my life will be like that of Arun Pradeep in Chhoti Si Baat or Ramprasad Sharma in Golmaal. I used to think that when I grow up I will have a decent 9-5 job and a loving partner. In the evening I would spend time with friends and we will have ‘adda’.

Now I discover that the typical 9 to 5 in office is full of distraction, caffeination and general boredom and on top of that, everyday I have to struggle with city traffic, so basically I am spending 13 to 14 hours a day and I hardly have any time for myself, let alone for adda. Today, my day starts at 7am when I leave for office and I return home very late in the evening. Totally tired and exhausted.

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When I think about my childhood dreams, I realize growing up was not a good thing.

Today when I watch these classic movies I wonder how peaceful life was in the 80s and 90s. If I had Rs 20 as my pocket money, I was rich. Yes, there was no internet, cable TV or mobile phone yet I was very happy. Unlike kids these days who spend most of the time with their electronic gadgets, we spent time in the real world.

Today living in this virtual world, we are so busy with technology and careers that hardly we get time for ‘adda’. Our life was vastly different then. The dream of becoming Arun Pradeep or Ram Prasad has faded away like a current in a stream. Life is very monotonous and gradually ‘adda’ is vanishing from our lives. Those were the days I will forever cherish.

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