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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love


Kalki the tenth avatar of Vishnu protects the world from destruction with the support of Chandika daughter of Parvati and Kali his twin sister whose powers are so strong that even as a baby, she becomes a target for humans and immortals, who are scared of her capabilities.  As Kalki gets caught in human and superhuman power struggles, Kali must survive. And to do so, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

We share this book excerpt ‘Weapons of Kalki: The Book of Love – Book 1’ by Ritika Kochhar on the occasion of Women’s Day to salute the feminine power which is strong enough to change the times. “Women are the real architects of society”- Cher

“The Divine is the sea. All religions are rivers leading to the sea. Some rivers wind a great deal.
Why not go to the sea directly?”

Meera Bai

I Am. How else can I express it? Before there was time, I was here. When there was neither beginning nor end, I was the only eternal truth.

I looked at the motes of the Universe, and I gave it shape. I created out of love, because before there were time and the world, and there was only infinity, what was there to look forward to except love?

The whole universe is my creation. I have been here always. I am in the kern of every molecule. I am in the tree that gives you shade, the water that gives you life, the mother who gives you love and the earth that gives you sustenance. I am in every colour that surrounds you, in every bird song that gladdens your heart, every touch that makes you glad to be alive.

I created the Creator you worship. When the Sustainer looks for succor, he looks to me. He adores me because I am there for him until the end of time. When the Destroyer dances his dance of destruction; when he performs his duties as a house holder; when he is lost and bereaved without his beloved, I am the one he looks for.

And all I want is love. I want to love because I’m the eternal creator. I craved love so much that I created the world. From the motes of my being, I created the Gods. The three Gods were the three faces of my love because my love needs to create, sustain and then end so that it could create again. Because without love, there is nothing.

The world was created out of and for love. Which is why, in the end, fear has never been as powerful an emotion as  love. Love is the centre of the universe.

I’ve many names. I am Adi Parashakti, Param Brahman, Chandika, The Goddess, Devi, Mother Nature, Gia, Radha; Mother Earth; Bhoomi devi; Lakshmi, Sridevi. But equally, I’m Lajjagauri, Kali; Chandidevi. I’m the One who created the Creator, the Preserver and theDestroyer.

Today, you’d call me the Supreme Intelligence or Sacred Energy, or simply-God.They are all elements of me. Because I’m Srishti. I’m eternal. I’m the world, and I’m the universe. I am the one who created everything that exists in the universe. I’m the original creator, observer and destroyer of creation.

Can you feel me all around you? In the breath of the earth under your feet as my heart rises and falls under your feet when you wake in the morning. I am the Earth; here with you. I am here in the beauty of each season. Can you feel my presence in the arbitrariness of nature? Where, If  I’m loved, I give everything I can from life-giving crops and fruits and water. But, if I feel uncared for and get angry, I attack with all my might. And the force of my anger is immense. Be it cyclones, storms, disease, floods, earthquakes- it’s impossible for anyone to face the full force of my rage till I’ve calmed down.

The Book
Weapons of Kalki: The Book of Love – Book 1 by Ritika Kochhar

But I always calm down. Because love will still be stronger than anger. And I will always be here with you. As I move from being a child to a bride; then a mother and finally an old woman. And after that, I’m born again, and the cycle begins anew. The force of Nature is far more than that of the male gods, and I’ve been worshipped from time immemorial for it. I have the power to create. When you see seeds pushed out of my bosom grow into trees and plants, it’s impossible to believe the riot of creation that will follow from those tiny brown seeds. Like a bride, Mother Earth puts forward every possible enticement to your senses-all your senses- smell, sight, sound, taste and of course touch.

There’s no sense of aesthetics or restraint. Instead, there’s every colour in the world around you. From the skies to the ground, the world is filled with reds, purples, pinks, yellows, browns…and more shades of green than we have names for. There’s nothing that I won’t offer to you – out oflove.

Out of this love, I created the worlds and the Gods. Satyaloka, or the abode of the Supreme One, is located in my forehead; the sun and moon are my eyes; in my ears are the four directions; the Vedas are my words; death, affection and emotion are my teeth; and Maya, or creative energy and conscious life, is my smile. When it appears, it creates a reason for living for everyone – human and God kind alike. But it’s transitory and fleeting. It is me, but it’s neither the beginning nor end of me.

To create the ones I loved, I created a seed that divided into Purusha and Prakriti. This was the giver and receiver, the forceful and the yielding. Because nature needs both and love appears in both forms. That first seed gave birth to Kali and her brother, Krishna. Kali, the untamed energy of the universe, then converted herself to Lalita Tripursundri or the mother, and she gave birth to two bubbles.

From one bubble, there arose Vishnu or consciousness; from whose navel Brahma, the creator, appeared as he slept in his primordialsleep; and Gowri, who incarnated as Sati and then Parvati. The second bubble contained Shiva and Radha. Radha further expanded herself to Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganga. As they worshipped and propitiated me, I explained to them that “I am the Absolute Reality. I am beyond form, beyond everything, and all the powers of God are contained within me. You will know that I am the Eternal and limitless in my power. You have all appeared to govern the universe through my energy.”

For, I am limitless and eternal energy and while each of them was a form of me, they all had different attributes and roles.

Kali, the dark Goddess of time, change and destruction is the purest form of Shakti or energy. The wild one has been the harbinger of change time and time again. When the Gods need help to defeat forces that, over time, have created an imbalance in the world and chaos, they call her. When movement is required in the universe, they call on her. She, like all chaos, is unsettling but necessary because it is only through anarchy that order can be achieved. And when law turns into subjugation, she appears again to deal with these destructive forces as well. She is a dynamic energy in a female form and therefore she is pure heat. She is unfettered and undomesticated. She is feared by even the Gods because there is no predicting what chaos will bring withit.

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Because she manifested before time, Kali’s inner and outer darkness stands in contrast to her fair consort, Shiva, who manifested after her, and who symbolises creation after Time is created. Together, they dance the dance of destruction until Shiva steps into Kali’s path to stop her frenzy. For, it is only through love that chaos can be conquered.

They are the real lovers because he understands that he is incomplete without her and she is the other half of him. When she is sated, and at peace, she is still Shakti or pure primal energy. They live outside this world and closer to nature, where they can be spiritually fulfilled but never domesticated. Only sated. Without their love and devotion to each other, they would destroy the world, again and again. But together, they understand fulfillment in a way that no one caught in the coils of the mortal world can.

Krishna, on the other hand, cannot stay away from this world. He is also my dark child, but unlike his sibling, he is the epitome of love. He is static energy in a male form, and he heals through love rather than power, because in a choice between love and power, who wouldn’t prefer love? He exhibits many wonderful pastimes for the pleasure of His devotees; interacts with loving devotees in intimate ways; and attracts all kinds of souls by playing on his divine flute. His beautiful form is incomparable, unrivalled in all of existence.

To read “Weapons of Kalki: The Book of Love – Book 1” by Ritika Kochhar, please click the link



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