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“E DURGOTSHOV” An E Musical Celebration by Jharnadhara

“E DURGOTSHOV” An E Musical Celebration by Jharnadhara

“Durgapuja”, the biggest festival of Bengalis, means coming together in celebration forgetting all differences with a new promise of spreading joy and hope.

This year because of the ongoing pandemic, we decided to bring the celebration to the comfort of everyone’s home in the form of an e – musical celebration.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with for the release of our E- Durgotshob. brings a bouquet of beautiful off-beat features and stories from the Eastern part of India. It is an online magazine which lines up a breakfast buffet of fascinating stories, articles and other works about the East of our great country for the readers every Saturday.

So, here we present a bouquet of 3 very popular and melodious songs.
1. “এইবার স্বপ্নের বন্ধন খুললাম” “Eibar Shopner Bondhon Khullam” – originally composed by Sh. Salil Chowdhury and sung by Smt. Haimanti Shukla.

2. “ওই উজ্বল দিন” “Oi Ujjolo Din” – originally written and composed by Sh. Sudhin Dasgupto and sung by Sh. Subir Sen.

3. “আজ জীবন খুঁজে পাবি/ফাগুনেরও মোহনায়” “Aj Jibon Khunje Paabi/Phaagunero Mohonaye – a mash-up of two songs, first one was originally composed and sung by Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and the second one is by the bangla band, Bhoomi.

Our deepest gratitude to all of you who have joined us today for our virtual presentation.

Jharnadhara is a music institution started by Late Smt. Krishna Dasgupta in 1969. Today, this 51 year old institution is flowing free and growing with more vigour under the guidance of her elder sister, Smt. Chitra Dasgupta.

For this celebration, all the students of Jharnadhara, from different parts of India, have come together, joining the festivities with great enthusiasm.

1. Enakshi Bose
2. Sharmishtha Bagchi Sanyal
3. Sharmila Bhattacharya
4. Rupa Saha
5. Chhanda Sarkar
6. Sharmishtha Kundu
7. Uma Banerjee
8. Banani Roy
9. Anuradha Sengupta
10. Chandrashekhar Bose
11. Prabhanjan Roy Chowdhury
12. Sumana Banerjee
13. Madhumita Sarkar
14. Rajlakshmi Sengupta
15. Bishal Bhattacharjee
16. Ritobrota Sanyal
17. Srijita Bhattacharya
18. Shubhojit Bhattacharya

Anchoring has been done by Sumana Banerjee.

The music design, production, mixing and mastering have been done by Sh. Anirudh Chowdhury, who also accompanied us on the Keyboard.

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It’s also our pleasure to have Sh. Mintal Gazi on Guitar, Sh. Pankaj Misra on Flute and Sh. Abhirup Chowdhury on Tabla, Cajon and Percussions.

The video designing, editing and production have been done by Sh. Anirban Bose.

The e-poster and trailer have been created by Bishal Bhattacharjee.

The overall conceptualization and coordination have been done by Sumana Banerjee and Rajlakshmi Sengupta.

Overall Direction by Smt. Chitra Dasgupta, our Boro Mashi.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy our humble presentation

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