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Death of a Doctor… And His Family!

Death of a Doctor… And His Family!

Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya

He served the people on call. Any time. He fought Corona. But when he himself contracted it, the hospital charged him Rs 18 lakh, bringing the people in Kolkata down to the streets in anger

He died.

Fighting at the forefront of Covid crisis. The frontiers on which Modi misused the IAF planes to shower flowers.

He did not get a petal of one of those flowers because he was in the backyards of Calcutta, in Shyamnagar, roughly 30 kilometres from Calcutta.

He died of Covid 19, and a doctor who had saved so many lives was billed Rs 18 lakh (1,600,000) by Medica Hospital in Salt Lake.

Shyamnagar. Let us celebrate this land

Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya.

People in Shyamnagar– some 35 kilometres from Kolkata – marched from house to house to collect donations for paying of the extortionist billing of Rs 18 lakh of Medica. For their much loved doctor and his family.

I ask myself, can a hospital be such a peeshachh to even charge a doctor this extortionist amount?

Pradip Bhattacharya. Leaving behind a daughter 13.

Just a year more than my daughter.

There have been many stories of Covid Fighters losing their lives. This is my personal story of knowing a doctor who followed the Hippocrates’ Oath to the end.

Call him and he would be there, even late at nights, when no one else would. No one else would even pick up their phones!

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On call, all the time.

Just 45 or so. May be a year older or few to me.

Pradip Bhattacharya.

People in Shyamnagar are marching from house to house to collect donations for paying of the extortionist billing of Medica.

They have collected Rs 4 lakh so far.

A poor rickshaw puller pulled out all he had from his pocket: a ‘princely’ sum of Rs 70, as his contribution for the payment of the doctor’s hospital extortion: “This all I have, since I do not have passengers in the lockdown, and it is for him, since he saved my life once without charging any fee”

And the richest of the rich are putting their feet on the necks of the demised doctor’s family, washing out the doctor’s entire life’s savings, so not just the doctor but his entire family.

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