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Bringing Back The Brits!

Bringing Back The Brits!

Dak Bungalow Chicken Gravy is a very old and almost a forgotten Bengali dish. It uses a special blend of grounded spices. Besides chicken, it also has boiled eggs and potato.  It is a sweet-and-sour dish,. which goes back to our colonial period, when Dak Bungalows (government rest houses) set up along the main roads for officials were usually taken care of by a khansamah (chefs, rather than ‘cooks’) . Interestingly, the recipe varied depending on which part of the state the bungalow was situated in, for on that depended the availability of ingredients.


Anusuya Basu is a homemaker. Cooking became her passion only after her marriage. She learned her recipes from her mother and grandma. During the lockdown period, when she didn’t have much to do, her daughter said, why not start a food recipe channel. Thus, “Mamma’s Kitchen Diary” started, an endeavour to rekindle the love of home food of antiquity, especially among those living abroad.

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    • Rakhi, you are right. Anushuya Basu’s Dak Bungalow Chicken recipe is unusual. We feel that food binds people across the world. One of our endeavours is to bring back old recipes which people, particularly across the Indian diaspora would like to bring to, especially, their children. Shall be great if you can share this people you know anywhere in the world. Do keep reading and do keep sending us your comments. And do let us know if others have such recipes on video.

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