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A Journey For The Music Lovers

A Journey For The Music Lovers

Moheen theke Moheen

Moheen Theke Moheen tells us a story of a journey that began in the 70’s

Music is celebrated every day, every hour and every minute. Yet when it is the World Music Day you want to make it extra special. With that thought in mind, Suman Mickey Chatterjee along with Tapas Bapi Das has embarked on a journey to tell you a story that began in the 70’s under the banner of Moheener Ghoraguli up until now as Moheen Ekhon O Bandhura.

Legendary, Tapas Bapi Das who was one of the founding members of the Moheener Ghoraguli which is known to have brought revolution in the Bengali music band culture is the founder of the new generation Moheen Ekhon O Bandhura.

Moheen theke Moheen has been both profound and enlightening for all music lovers because it is simply not a journey of songs but of a movement that has been always the wind of change that people from all walk of life and age has been earning for.


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