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What Made Me Lick My Fingers?

What Made Me Lick My Fingers?

Fish with curry leaves

A phone call led him to a great dish. A dish which made him lick his fingers. This recipe can make you do the same. Read this article to know the recipe by Mrs. Bani Sarmah with words from Somashis Gupta

My lazy Saturday afternoon nap was interrupted by a sudden phone call from Dr. Oojam Rajan. Dr. Rajan is a professor of Sociology in Kottyam. I know him for the last 15 years. I met him first in Guwahati University where he was a research scholar. It is always a pleasant experience to speak to him as he is a person with profound knowledge on the subject of sociology which is also one of my interests.  But today the call was for a different reason.

He said “Halu Har yaaa  (Hello how are you)? Oojam had a strange way of pronouncing words.

“I am fine, how are you?” I replied.

Macha (Brother) I hava few gests cominga, anda I wanteda to treata them with Assamesea fooda, soo can yaa helpa me?” Well what he meant was he wanted to cook some Assamese food for his guests.”

“Well I am not the right person why don’t you speak to Sarmah aunty, she can help you out.” I gave him Sarmah aunty’s number.

“Oh! Nandi Macha” He meant thank you brother.

This conversation took place last Saturday, and frankly I almost forgot about it, as I was busy with work until I received another message from Oojam. It read….

Oojam : Macha help please …. I received a recipe from Sarmah aunty but I am all confused. 

Me: Why? What makes you confused? 

Oojam : I will whatsappa, wait.


নৰসিংহৰ পাত আৰু মাছ ৪ জন লোকৰ বাবে

উপকৰন :-

যিকোনো মাছ – টুকুৰা ৫০০ গ্ৰাম

নৰসিংহৰ পাত – ১৫০ গ্ৰাম

চাউল – ২ চাহ চামুচ

কলাজিৰা – ১ চাহ চামুচ

নহৰু – ৬-৭ ফোটা

জালুক – ১ চাহ চামুচ

পাঁচ ফোৰন – আধা চাহ চামুচ

সৰিয়হৰ তেল – প্ৰয়োজন অনুসৰি

নিমখ – সোৱাদ অনুসৰি

The Ingredients
The Ingredients


প্ৰণালী :-

প্ৰথমে নৰসিংহৰ পাতবোৰ পৰিষ্কাৰ কৰক আৰু চাউলৰ সৈতে পানীত তিয়াই ৰাখক ।

মিক্সিত নৰসিংহৰ পাত আৰু চাউলৰ পেষ্ট বনাওক। পেষ্টটোত ২০০ মিলি পানী মিলায় চেকী লব |

নহৰু, জালুক আৰু কলাজিৰাৰ পেষ্ট বনাব |

মাছখিনি নিমখ আৰু হালধিৰে মেৰিনেট কৰক, সৰিয়হৰ তেলত ভাজক আৰু পৃথকভাৱে ৰাখক |

একেই তেলত পাঁচ ফোৰন দি চেকী থোৱা নৰসিংহৰ ৰসখিনি ঢালি দিয়ক |

যেতিয়া উতল আহে, ভজা মাছ খিনি দিয়ক আৰু কলাজিৰা, নহৰু জালুক পেষ্ট যোগ দিয়ক আৰু কিছু সময়ৰ বাবে উতলাওক |

সোৱাদ অনুসৰি নিমখ যোগ দিয়ক আৰু ৩-৪ মিনিটৰ বাবে মিডিয়াম শিখাত উতলাওক |

আৰু ইয়াক পৰিৱেশন কৰিবলৈ সাজু কৰক |


This is what she sent me.

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Me: Oh! This is Assamese. Let me read that and I will call you and translate. 

After sometime, I called up Oojam …

“Hello Oojam, listen I am reading the recipe.” I informed him.

“Ah! Greata, so whata is ita?” He meant ‘what is it?’

“It is a fish with curry leaves”

kaṟivēppila? Greata, so whata are the other ingrediantsa?” 

“You need fish, curry leaves 150 grams, rice about 2 tea spoons, Nigela seeds 1 tea spoons, Garlic 5 to 7 cloves, Black pepper 1 tea spoon, Pach foron half a tea ….” I could not complete as he interrupted.

“Waita whata is Panchfuran?” He was all confused

“Well it is a combination of 5 spices. Cumin, Fenugreek, Brown Mustard, Nigela and fennel seeds. Take half a tea spoon of this combination and salt to taste and mustard oil” I advised.

“Okay Macha, but can I usea coconut oil instead of Mustard oila?” Oojam asked as expected.

“No Macha you need mustard oil.” I insisted.

“Okay Macha” He understood but I was sure that he will try out a variant with coconut oil, perhaps this is how new dishes are born.

I continued “So now once all your ingredients are ready you take the curry leaves and rice together and soak it in water and make a paste. One more thing you can actually strain it to get rid of any lumps from the rice. Also make a paste of the Garlic, Black pepper and nigela seeds”

“Okay Macha, but Macha where is the fish?” He asked

“I am coming to that, take the fish and marinate with turmeric and salt and after some time fry the fish lightly. Take the fish out and in the same oil add pachforon, and add the paste of curry leaves, after some time add the fish and the other paste you made of garlic black pepper and nigela seeds. Let it simmer for some time and add salt. And that is you fish with curry leaves.”

“Greata Macha, Nandi Macha” He thanked me and disconnected.

In fact after I disconnected, I decided to try this fish recipe, and trust me I licked my fingers today which I usually don’t. So I thought of sharing this recipe with you all, after all sharing is caring you see.

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