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NETAJI PATHAGAR – Witness of a Bygone Era

NETAJI PATHAGAR – Witness of a Bygone Era

A library is not merely a physical space with collection of books and documents. Ever since their inception throughout the world, libraries stood firmly as custodians of knowledge and culture – quietly instrumental in the advancement of societies and their evolution. Transcending its size and location, a library embodies the greatest of freedoms – the freedom of mind and spirit, a gateway to the cumulative knowledge and wisdom, and a promise for a better world. It is the extraordinary struggle of those apparently ordinary people which makes a library a reality. A library represents that vision and stead fastness. Thus every library has a unique story to tell – its very genesis, development, and as at times it so happens – serious threats to its existence.

And this is the story of Netaji Pathagar.

Directed by Topashish Bhattacharya
Script by Ratnadip Choudhury
Voice Over by Suranjana Choudhury


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