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Human Existence – A Miracle?

Human Existence – A Miracle?

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Human Existence

This piece reflects on the concept of human existence and its purpose, challenging the traditional notion of humans being the greatest creation of the Creator. It explores the idea that human nature often leads to confusion and dissatisfaction, resulting in a life focused on societal pressures and unwanted drama.

It is Generally believed that The greatest Creation of The Creator is Human. But I believe that The greatest confusing Creation of the Creator is Human!!! Ahhh my Statement is Sounding like questions or Was I supposed to frame a Question???

The Creator knows. What an easy escape for all Human. Anything Bad, Worse or Worst We put it on the Creator.

We human are Such an Opportunist. We don’t Spare anyone to Save our Neck not even the Creator.

The Creator created Us probably for some good reasons, and am quite Sure these are not the reasons. Our (We the Human) very purpose of Survival has turned into, or rather We made into a Melodrama. Our dissatisfaction with everything – be it with Oneself or with Others has taken the Very beauty of life and Our Existence.

Our Unwanted inquisitiveness has literally sucked off the Purpose of this Wonderful gift of life.

From the very instance a Person is born, he/she is expected to fulfill Societal Pressure and Unwanted drama.

Just like the Clucking of a hen indicates the break of the day, similarly some human are like hen who never forgets to Cluck their negativity or queries every single second onto other Persons’ life.

Their queries Starts with the first question as When s/he is getting married. Then after the Ceremony is Over, they Cluck again for the next question as to when the couple is thinking about a child, after the child is born their bundle of questions increase into a Paramount figure as to is the child fair or dark, has the child learnt to sit and crawl ,Oh the child has attained one year and not able to walk then their Medical intelligence goes at the full Swing and they have ample of Painful questions for the Parents with a Pinch of innocence as if they are Practically worried for the Child.

Then as the Child grows the Clucking gets further intensity and then queries about the Child’s academic performance begins and with a Magnifying eye lens a round table Conference is being Organised where the child’s every bit is discussed without a trace of empathy as if without their So Called intervention the Survival of the Child would be hampered.

And this Vicious Circle continues without an end to it.

I literally don’t Want to Sound Spiritual but this temporary Life is Such a Worthy gift that instead of making it and giving it its best, half of Our life goes on bothering about Others’ (interfering), and the rest half goes on Satisfying Others’.

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And when we leave for eternal abode, the Creator Sits with a hope that we have probably done something worthy of our Worthwhile life but Unfortunately We Stand in front of him with Nothingness.

Only Some Creation of The Creator made the best out of their life and the rest 97% is tossing the gift of Life in the Air and hoping for Some Miracle.

We Simply fail to Understand that Our very life is the Greatest Miracle and So,

What are We Waiting for.


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