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World Photography Day Celebrations at Maya Art Space

World Photography Day Celebrations at Maya Art Space

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Explore the enchanting world of photography at Maya Art Space’s World Photography Day Celebrations. Join them for a week-long extravaganza that captures the essence of ‘Fluid Moment’, featuring renowned photographers and their captivating visual narratives. Immerse yourself in the magic of freezing time and emotions through the lens, as they delve into the past, present, and future of this remarkable art form.

“Only photography has been able to divide human life into a series of moments, each of them has the value of a complete existence.” – Eadweard Muybridge

In a world that whirls forward with relentless speed, it is often the lens of a camera that captures life’s most profound and fleeting moments, preserving them for eternity. World Photography Day, celebrated annually on August 19th, pays homage to this remarkable art form that freezes time and emotions into visual masterpieces. Since its initiation in 2010 by Australian photographers Korske Ara and Tim Harvey, the day has evolved into a global celebration of photographers, their work, and the stories they tell.

One exceptional hub of these celebrations is Calcutta’s Maya Art Space, which has been at the forefront of commemorating World Photography Day since 2013. The seven-day extravaganza orchestrated by Maya Art Space has become a highlight for photography enthusiasts and artists alike, converging to celebrate the magic of capturing moments that encapsulate entire lifetimes.

This year, Maya Art Space sets the stage for yet another enchanting celebration under the theme ‘Fluid Moment’, a concept that succinctly encapsulates the essence of photography itself. The inaugural event includes a book launch featuring the works of the talented Sankha Kar, whose photographic journey has been capturing the ever-flowing river of time in frames that transport viewers to the heart of life’s most intricate emotions and stories.

The festivities continue to unfold with a diverse lineup of events that promise to cater to a myriad of photographic tastes. The event ‘China Para’, scheduled for August 21st, showcases the artistic perspective of Bijoy Chowdhury, a photographer who has mastered the art of revealing profound stories within the folds of everyday life. Following this, ‘Wild Visions’ takes center stage on August 23rd, inviting attendees to venture into the wilderness through the lens of Sabyasachi Chakraborty, whose wildlife photography captures the untamed beauty of nature in its most authentic form.

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The calendar further unfolds with ‘As Life Unfolds’ on August 25th, a presentation by Joydeep Mukherjee that promises to take audiences on a journey through the human experience, presenting life’s diverse emotions and narratives with each click of the shutter. The grand finale, ‘Pixels and Algorithms: A New Era in Photography with AI’, takes place on August 26th, presented by none other than Sankha Kar himself. This event peers into the future of photography, exploring the intriguing realm of AI’s influence on the craft and the creative possibilities that lie ahead.

As the world pauses to celebrate the intricate art of photography on this World Photography Day, Maya Art Space’s week-long celebration offers a vibrant tapestry of visual narratives, emotions, and artistic perspectives. In an era where moments flit by in a blink of an eye, these photographers bring us the gift of timeless fragments of existence. Through their lenses, they remind us that each photograph isn’t merely a two-dimensional image; it’s a universe within itself, a testament to the richness and profundity of human experience.

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