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Whispers of a Mother

Whispers of a Mother

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Experience the enchanting journey of a mother through the various phases of her child’s life, as portrayed in this heartwarming poem. From the initial stages of utter dependence to the bittersweet moments of independence, the poem captures the sacrifices, joys, and emotions that define a mother’s love. Join the exploration of the bond between a mother and her child, a journey filled with tenderness, growth, and the cherished memories of childhood.

Mother.. the Most Magical and Melodious Word in the Whole World !! A mother’s life also passes through different phases along with the child. The poem depicts the journey of a mother from the birth of a child till the time when it reaches its teen.
It requires a lot of hard work and dedication and sacrifices in the early years when the child is totally dependent on the mother, each and every moment. But the joy she derives inspite of everything cannot be expressed in words. Then gradually, when the child grows up, and the realisation dawns upon her that her child no longer needs her at every step, she feels a little pain in some corner of her heart. Though it’s a pleasure to watch her little one turn into a youngster, a mother’s heart sometimes yearns to go back to the good old golden days of her kid’s childhood.

A child is a mother’s real treasure
A mere look at him gives immense pleasure
Though there is no time for leisure
The joy and happiness – no one can measure

When your little boy turns into one
Your whole world revolves round your son
Spending your day in frolic and fun
As he begins to speak, walk and run

Clings to you throughout day and night
Out of sheer joy, love or fright
Learning new things with all his might
Days are well spent, happy and bright

Though your patience now he might test
By asking questions without any rest
Answer them all with zeal and zest
‘Coz trust my word, this phase is the best

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Once he grows up and reaches your height
Will no’t allow you to hug him tight
Always ready to argue and fight
To prove you wrong and himself right

So, huddle and cuddle him till childhood last
Moments soon turn into memories of past
From Ten to Twelve the change is so vast
It’s really difficult for a Mom to adjust
Oh God !! Can you tell me why these kids grow so fast??

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