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When Saurav met Muralidaran

When Saurav met Muralidaran

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Muralidaran with Saurav

It was fascinating to see Murlidaran in the City of Joy. Read the captivating story of the legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Muthiah Muralidaran, the “Spin Wizard,” as his life unfolds on the silver screen in the biographical film ‘800’. Explore Muralidaran’s record-breaking cricket legacy, Madhur Mittal’s transformation into the cricketing maestro, and the heartfelt narrative that goes beyond the pitch. Join the cricketing greats in Kolkata and get ready for a pan-Indian release on October 6, 2023, in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

Cricket enthusiasts and fans of the legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Muthiah Muralidaran, often referred to as the “Spin Wizard,” are in for a treat as his inspiring life story is set to hit the silver screen in the biographical film titled ‘800’. The film is aptly named after the staggering number of wickets Muralidaran claimed in Test cricket, a record that still stands tall and unbroken. In a recent promotional tour for the film, Muralidaran, along with actor Madhur Mittal, who portrays him in the movie, and his close friend Sourav Ganguly, brought their charisma to the City of Joy, Kolkata.

The Record-Breaking Legacy of Muthiah Muralidaran

Muthiah Muralidaran, often hailed as one of the greatest spin bowlers to have ever graced the cricketing world, is a name that resonates deeply with fans worldwide. His incredible career, marked by countless spinning deliveries that bamboozled batsmen and left them in awe, has earned him a special place in the hearts of cricket aficionados.


The title of the movie, ‘800’, is a testament to Muralidaran’s exceptional talent and his uncanny ability to take a whopping 800 wickets in Test cricket. This milestone, achieved over the course of a storied career, remains unmatched and serves as a testament to his unparalleled skill, dedication, and passion for the sport.

A Star-Studded Affair: Madhur Mittal Steps into Muralidaran’s Shoes

Portraying a cricketing legend as iconic as Muralidaran on the big screen is no small feat, and this role fell into the capable hands of Madhur Mittal, best known for his role in the Oscar-winning film ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘. Madhur’s transformation into the cricketing maestro has been met with great anticipation, as fans eagerly await his portrayal of Muralidaran’s life and career.

Madhur Mittal as Muralidaran
Madhur Mittal as Muralidaran

To prepare for the role, Madhur immersed himself in the world of cricket and meticulously studied Muralidaran’s bowling style and mannerisms. However, it was Muralidaran himself who offered invaluable advice to the actor, emphasizing that imitation wasn’t the key. Madhur took on the challenge with gusto, aiming to do justice to the legendary spinner’s legacy. His dedication to the role shines through in his commitment to authenticity and bringing Muralidaran’s story to life on screen.

The Heart of the Story: Muralidaran’s Childhood and Struggles

While Muralidaran’s cricketing prowess is well-documented, ‘800’ delves deeper into the life of the spin maestro. The film explores his humble beginnings, his early struggles, and the relentless determination that eventually led him to cricketing stardom. Beyond the cricket pitch, it is a story of resilience, hard work, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.

Speaking about the film, Muralidaran shared, “You all have seen me playing cricket. The film is much more than that. It’s a story of my childhood and the struggles that I had to face in my personal and professional journey.” ‘800’ promises to be a compelling narrative that unveils the layers of the man behind the cricketing legend.

A Special Visit to Kolkata: Friends Reunite

In a heartwarming turn of events, Muralidaran’s close friend and former Indian cricket team captain, Sourav Ganguly, fondly known as the “Bengal Tiger,” extended his support by joining the promotional tour in his hometown, Kolkata. This reunion of cricketing greats showcased the camaraderie that transcends the fierce competition on the field.

Muralidaran and Saurav with young kids

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Muralidaran expressed his happiness about Ganguly’s presence, saying, “I am very happy that Sourav came to promote the film. We have played as rivals, but he has been a great friend off the field. I admire him a lot.” The camaraderie and mutual respect between the two cricketing icons added a touch of nostalgia to the event and further piqued the interest of fans.

Muralidaran and Saurav with others

A Pan-Indian Release: ‘800’ Coming Soon

‘800’ is all set to hit the theaters on October 6, 2023, and is eagerly anticipated by cricket enthusiasts and cinephiles alike. The film will be released in three languages – Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu – ensuring that fans across India can witness the inspiring journey of Muthiah Muralidaran, the spin wizard who spun his way into the annals of cricketing history.

800 Poster

As the release date draws near, ‘800’ promises to be more than just a cricketing saga. It’s a heartfelt tribute to a cricketing legend, a celebration of friendship, and a reminder that with dedication and determination, even the loftiest of dreams can be achieved. For fans of Muralidaran and cricket, ‘800’ is a cinematic experience not to be missed, offering a chance to relive the magic of a cricketing legend’s life and career.


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