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The Whispers of Nature

The Whispers of Nature

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A different perspective to see the trees
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This is a photo story by Amit Kumar where he clicked some breathtaking pictures of nature. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking experience through the lens of a photographic expedition and words by Somashis Gupta.

As I embarked on my photographic expedition, a splendid sight of nature unfolded before my eyes. Behold! The ethereal spectacle of the trees’ elongated silhouettes gracefully caressed the shimmering water, while the mischievous clouds coyly peeked from their hidden abode.

trees and their reflection playing in the water

In a moment of sheer serendipity, I caught a glimpse of this captivating scene from an alternate perspective, where the majestic trees proudly stood, reaching towards the heavens with utmost grandeur.

Oh, what a tranquil ambiance the water exuded, basking in the gentle gaze of the all-seeing clouds, as they surveyed the resplendent marvel spread out before them.


The verdant hues of nature harmoniously mingled with the serene waters, seamlessly blending with the man-made structures that adorned the surroundings.

A handsome canine companion discovered a subject of great intrigue, arousing its curiosity and prompting a momentary pause.


While a feathered creature stood motionless, its wide eyes brimming with wonder and astonishment.

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And lo and behold, as the weary day took its toll on the tireless dog, it sought respite and settled down, weary from its adventurous escapades.

The azure bird, adorned in hues of sapphire, seemed to mirror its melancholic essence, embodying the shades of its very namesake.

Azure Bird

And finally as the radiant sun gracefully descended towards the horizon, casting a warm golden glow upon the realm, the curtain was drawn on this enchanting tableau.

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