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The Way I Feel About Republic Day

The Way I Feel About Republic Day

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As we celebrate Republic day, East India story finds out what young minds think of this day. Here is 13 year old Alfinaz Hassan expressing her views on Republic Day

It was a chilly winter morning in Guwahati, when I received a call from Sid uncle.

“Hello uncle.” I said

“Hello Alfinaz, I called you to know, your view on Republic day.”

Hearing this from uncle I was curious, I asked “Why uncle? Why do you ask?”

“Well, to be frank I wanted to know what the young generation feels about it, as most of us elders consider this to be just another holiday.”

“Republic day is just another holiday, uncle?” I was surprised.

“Yes, some of us know this to be a day when we can see tableaus, some relate this with the parade and some consider this as a holiday.” Uncle explained.

“Is it? But republic day has a different meaning all together, isn’t it.”

“Yes my dear that is why I want you to tell me what you feel about this day.”

So this is how I feel…

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year because it was on this day when the Indian constitution came into effect in the year 1950.

Well, the question is – what does the word ‘Republic ‘actually mean? The word Republic is quite common because Indians celebrate republic day with great pomp and ceremony. But, often we don’t normally think about the word ‘Republic’ deeply. Republic is a form of government where the people are offered the supreme power of electing their representative. In this article, I would like to discuss about the word ‘Republic’ in a broader sense.

Whenever I hear the word Republic, automatically, I begin associating with lovely words like freedom, peace, prosperity, etc. This is because these are the results of a Republic nation, as it allows people to indirectly rule themselves. This also boosts equality and the proper selection of a fair and able leader. Hence, the country advances towards prosperity and freedom since the sovereignty rest with the people.

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A republican form of governance has a lot of benefits:-

  • It ensures that the leaders don’t betray the people by misusing its power, showing any biasness or causing harms to the common welfare of the people.
  • It allows an active participation of the people in the government.
  • It leads to rapid rise of people’s economic status and a significant improvement in the living standards.
  • It brings peace and harmony to the lives of people as there is less political uproar under the system.
  • It empowers freedom and equality.
  • It also helps avoid corruption to a certain extent, that accrue with the misuse of power.
  • A Republican country has more efficiency and achieves its goal faster compared to other countries, for humanity and public opinion cannot be easily vitiated by dirty politics.

Owing to the given points, I conclude that this system is a shield against injustice and is the protector of humanity amidst all the devilry. Therefore, we must feel proud to be a citizen of India, where this irenic system of governance is prevalent.

I hope that India progresses further in the near future. I wish that the loving bond between the Indians remain ever unscathed. May the lights of heaven fall upon this wonderful land!

Wishing you all a very happy Republic Day!

Jai Hind!


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