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The Kerala Story

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Kerala Story

Discover the true Kerala story based on facts. Kerala is a state filled with achievements and triumphs. From being the cleanest state to housing the richest temple, excelling in Ayurveda, and boasting high literacy rates, Kerala’s progress shines. Explore its initiatives to combat corruption, eliminate homelessness, and embrace the digital age, making it a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

The film “Kerala Story” found itself entangled in a web of controversy recently. I did not see the movie, not due to any other reason but my limited grasp of the Hindi language. While I ardently champion the sacred principle of freedom of expression and staunchly oppose any prohibition or banning of any cinematic creation, I also hold firm in the belief that movie makers bear a weighty responsibility in their artistic revelations. They should act responsibly in what they make. We need love in this mortal world not hate and finally would also urge viewers to enjoy the movie as a fiction and not as facts.

Curiously, the maker of ‘Kerala Story,’ Sudipto Sen, had previously made a movie titled “In The Name of Love – Melancholy of God’s Own Country,” which, too, found itself engulfed in a sea of critique back in the year 2018. But, this article shall not delve into the depths of Sudipto Sen’s artistic endeavors or his cinematic creations. My purpose is to tell you the true Kerala story based on real facts and not on fiction.

Kerala Story 1 – The Cleanest State in India

Based on a survey carried out by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), it has been determined that Kerala, along with Sikkim, is regarded as the cleanest state in India. What sets Kerala apart is its exceptional provision of hospitals and banks in every village. Not only does Kerala excel in cleanliness, but it also ensures that essential facilities are available in every nook and cranny. Kerala stands out as the only state in India that has managed to provide banking services and healthcare facilities even in its most remote areas, thus contributing significantly to its overall development.

Kerala Story 2- Richest Temple in the World

Nestled in the enchanting city of Thiruvananthapuram, lies the resplendent Padmanabhaswamy Temple, a true marvel of divine grandeur and opulence. Revered as the wealthiest temple on the face of this planet, it mesmerizes visitors with its rich history, architectural brilliance, and exquisite craftsmanship. Adorned with intricate carvings, majestic gopurams (towering gateways), and a magnificent golden idol of Vishnu, the temple’s artistic splendor leaves onlookers spellbound. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple holds treasures of immeasurable value, including ancient artifacts, gold ornaments, and precious gemstones, which bestow upon it the unparalleled title of the richest temple in the world.

Kerala Story 3 – Ayurvedic Paradise 

In the realm of healing, Kerala reigns supreme, where Ayurveda dances gracefully, an art profound. A pioneer it stands, embracing ancient wisdom, using nature’s remedies to cure. Nestled within its verdant embrace, Somatheeram whispers tales of being the world’s first Ayurvedic Resort, where spirits and bodies intertwine.

Though modern strides in medicine pave new ways, Kerala’s heart holds fast, in ancient rhythms it sways. Ayurveda’s legacy thrives, even in the face of change, timeless traditions, and its essence rearrangement. Defying the tides, and ailments it does vanquish, in harmony with nature, remedies flourish and replenish. Arthritis finds solace in its age-old embrace, Kerala’s soul resonates with Ayurveda’s grace.

Kerala Story 4 – Highest Literacy Rate

Kerala, known as the most literate state in India, boasts an impressive literacy rate of 93.91%, significantly higher than the national average of 74.04% as per the 2011 census. When we delve into specific regions, the rural area of the Kottayam district stands out with an exceptional literacy rate of 97.17%, while Pathanamthitta, among the urban areas, is with a rate of 97.42%.

Kerala Story 5 – The second least corrupt state in India

In our nation’s tapestry, corruption looms large, casting its ominous shadow. Yet amidst this murky backdrop, Kerala emerges as a shining gem, proudly claiming the title of the second least corrupt state within India’s vast expanse. With an ethereal grace, Kerala boasts a mere 4 percent taint of corruption within its public services, as unveiled by the prestigious CMS ‘Indian Corruption Study of 2017’. In this virtuous dance, Himachal Pradesh leads the way, its virtuosity evident with a bribery percentage gracefully hovering at approximately 3 percent, rendering it the epitome of purity.

Kerala Story 6 – 100% primary education

Ah, Kerala! A land of pioneering spirit, where in the waning days of January in the year 2016, an extraordinary feat unfurled its vibrant colors. The applause of triumph echoed through the hills and valleys, for Kerala, with unwavering resolve, became the vanguard, the first among states, to embrace the sacred mantle of 100% primary education. Such a remarkable achievement was woven with threads of enlightenment and knowledge, fostered through the benevolent embrace of Athulyam, a literacy program that bloomed with resplendent glory.

Kerala STory 7 – Zero Homeless State

The Kerala government has initiated a groundbreaking initiative to become the first state in India to eliminate homelessness among its citizens. The scheme, known as Project LIFE (Livelihood, Inclusion, Financial Empowerment), was established in 2016 with a target to achieve this goal within a span of five years. Through this project, over 1.5 lakh homeless and landless families have received either houses or land, significantly improving their living conditions.

Over the course of five years, extensive residential complexes have been constructed to accommodate a large number of beneficiaries. These complexes are equipped with essential amenities such as water, electricity, cooking facilities, security, solar panel systems, and rainwater harvesting facilities. The comprehensive approach of Project LIFE has provided a holistic solution to address the needs of the homeless population and empower them economically and socially.

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Kerala Story 8 – India’s first digital state

In February 2016, the then-president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, bestowed upon Kerala a prestigious accolade— the distinction of being the nation’s first digital state. Within Kerala’s verdant borders, telecom literacy thrives unparalleled, boasting near-universal mobile connectivity at a staggering 100% and an impressive 75% penetration of the ethereal realm of the internet. Spearheading the vanguard of progress, Kerala stands proudly as the pioneering state to embrace the hamlets and panchayat systems, enfolding them seamlessly into the National Optical Fibre Network Programme’s web of high-speed broadband connections.

Beyond the mere ubiquity of mobile devices, Kerala reigns supreme in its legion of digital banking users, their numbers soaring to unfathomable heights. The sacred realm of financial transactions finds solace in the hearts of Keralites, as they possess the highest tally of operational bank accounts, glistening as emblems of their tech-savvy finesse.

Kerala Story 9 – Highest International Remittance

In the year 2020, Non-Resident Keralites remitted a staggering amount of 2.31 lakh crore rupees back to India. This trend has been growing steadily, resulting in Kerala becoming the state with the highest international remittance in the country.

Kerala Story 10 – Taxes and Revenue

Kerala is such a state which covers 72% of its expenses from its own taxes and only 28% from central taxes.

Thus, dear readers, the tale of Kerala unfolds, painting a vibrant canvas of achievements and triumphs. From its commitment to cleanliness and provision of essential services to its cultural heritage in Ayurveda and literacy rates that soar above the nation, Kerala stands as a beacon of progress and potential. With its pioneering initiatives to combat corruption, eliminate homelessness, and embrace the digital age, Kerala leads the way, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of a brighter future. This, my dear readers, is the true Kerala story which is woven with facts and figures that speak volumes about its indomitable spirit and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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