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The Art of E = mc²

The Art of E = mc²

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This is a tale of better living this is a tale of positivity. Somashis gets to know the ways of generating positive energy from his friend. He learns that it is all written in a book. Will he buy the book? Read this story to know.

I am a man who seldom takes exercise for exercises sake. I find it exhausting and prefer to refrain myself from bodily exertion. On the 29th day of November after reading the interesting updates of the football world cup I called up Sam and expressed “I am inclined to think what makes these footballers so energetic.”

“Try it yourself” retorted Sam with some eagerness. She had been persistently persistent for me to try morning walks. The next day with some encouragement, I had so far relaxed, as to go for a walk in the park where the faint shoots of green were breaking out. For some time I rambled in silence, for the most part except, the occasional ‘good morning’ wishes to fellow walkers. It was nearly half past 6 when I came back home. I am compelled to admit that having taken the walk, I do begin to realize that the matter is not an easy task. “So much for morning walks” said I to Sam over the habitual video call.

“Come come, don’t give up. What you need to do is motivate yourself by reading this book. It tells you how to rebuild your inner energy” said she, while looking at some book which she had been reading for a while now.

“What does it say?” I asked which some amount of reluctance.

“Well the author too was drained out, just like you, after the long pandemic. But soon she realized and I quote her ‘The new superheroes of the decade are the ones with abundant energy. The way of the future is understanding what gives you more personal energy, how you choose to vibrate higher daily, how not to scatter your energy doing useless things.’ Do you understand?” she threw out the information in a very offhand way, but I saw she cocked her eye at me to see if I had followed her reasoning.

“You think a man who has high energy can be a superhero?” I remarked with some sarcasm in my tone.

“Well the secret ingredient of modern success is energy the author says, and suggests us to transform ourselves personally, culturally and socially by vibrating high always. You see energy is our most precious resource. The more we take responsibility of our energy, the more empowered, productive and happier we become.” said she while reading out from the pages of the book.

“All that is fine but how do we gain that energy? What are the ways? Has she spoken on that?” I asked with a tone of curiosity mixed with anger.

“Well well of course she does. She suggests us to bring motion no matter how small it is, micro-movements which has the ability to change locked things.”

“So you mean to say we need to start small?” I asked with somewhat eagerness.

“Yes, in fact she also suggests us to relax as it is a time of restlessness. You need to ask and I quote the author ‘how rested do you feel? That will tell you how energetic you are’ so relaxing right, is the skill if you want more energy,”

I am usually an extremely sound sleeper. It has been a standing jest in the family that nothing could ever wake me during the night. But that night, weather it may have been a slight excitement produced by my discussion with Sam or not I know not, but I slept much more likely than usual. Half in my dreams, I was dimly conscious that something was to be done about my inner energy. I woke up and gradually I took my watch from under the pillow. It was 3 in the morning. But I was too eager to know and called up Sam.

“What was it that you told me about ‘rest’?” I asked.

With some sleepy words of surprise or remonstrance at this untimely call she said “Why don’t you just buy the book?” and disconnected the phone.

I was quite keen to know more, as she left me in a a state of limbo, but realized any further call would result in a disaster. But I kept thinking about it. It was around 7 when my phone rang and to my delight it was a call from Sam.

“What were you asking?”

“I wanted to know what did the author write about ‘rest’?” I asked with expectations.

“Well let me check the book, I think it is in the chapter of ‘Rest and Relaxation’ ….ah! here it is 1) Take Micro rest breaks. Take one minute breaks throughout the day 2) Don’t try too hard to rest and finally she advises 3) Invest in sacred rest.”

I kept a note of these points and sat for about 20 minutes, turning the thing over in my mind and trying to find some possible explanation. The more I thought the more extraordinary and inexplicable it appeared. I was still puzzling over it when I heard my phone ring again.

“You need to know when to use masculine energy and when to switch over to feminine energy.” It was Sam’s voice on the other side.

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“I knew you will be confused” she said with a laugh “so let me explain. As the author says ‘The feminine energy is about the intuitive mind, while the Masculine energy is about the rational mind’ she also tells us ways to awaken our energy, look why don’t you buy the book and read it yourself. It will give you a complete insight on understanding how to clear your toxicity, understand positive and negative vibes and also guide you to manage your own energies.”

“That my dear seems to be a practical idea” said I with tone of interest “what is the name of the book and who is the author?”

“It is titled ‘Own your energy’ by Nona Walia.”

Nona Wali with her latest book "Own Your Energy"
Nona Walia with her latest book “Own Your Energy”

“Nona Walia?” my eyes glittered “you mean Nona Walia? I love reading her rightly written articles. In fact her first book ‘The art of Mental Toughness’ is fascinating, I must get this book.” I told her with extreme enthusiasm.

“You can buy it online,” she suggested and whatsapped me the link .

The package arrived on the 2nd day of December. I found my usual place of study and as I finish reading the book today, I can say it has been quite a learning experience. It needs no further announcement then just to say it made me a different person. Well let me not kill the surprise by tell you more about the book, you can find it yourself.

Yours Energetically

"Own Your Energy" complete book cover


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