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The 12 from 12

The 12 from 12

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12 women

EastIndiaStory is not just a magazine it is a story from Eastern India. So this yearend we bring you stories of 12 incredible women from the 12 states of Eastern India.

By Somashis Gupta and TEAM EIS

I called and said “Hello Sid, what plans for new year” He rhymed back “Nothing as such, why not cheer?” “Good idea lets cheer the twelve” I replied. “Twelve? Yes let’s talk about ourselves” he said. “You mean the twelve states?”
“Yes the eastern greats”. And what followed is this ….

We sing the Auld Lang Syne again

As 2022 is about to begin

We spoke, but not too many

There are many more eastern story

Some stories are never told

But surely they are pure gold

So here are some from the shelve

Our hall of fame of twelve


She wrote the book ‘The Black Hill’

She lives her life at her own will

Left her job to start a new career

To pursue her passion for literature

‘The Hidden Land’ and ‘Mount Everest’

And many such writings, better than the best

Arunachal Pradesh is where she lives

A charming lady with high grace

Was awarded the Padma Shri

Mamang Dai may you always live free


Next in line is a lady from Nagaland

Who was brave enough to take a stand

Against the rulers and the militants

Spoke about the people and their irritants

In Nagaland Times she started her career

Where she wrote ‘The State of Affair’

She,  for her excellent contribution

Was awarded The “Outstanding Women Media Person”

Monalisa Changkija is her name

May she live always with great fame


The Iron lady, that is what is she

Given human rights a new destiny

Stood for people across the 7 state

Fought with love without a hate

They feared her, so she was shamelessly arrested

Without a ground, but hardly she was affected

She fought for her cause fearlessly

Which got recognized from International Amnesty

Irom Chanu Sharmila, is her name

She is from Manipur, and she remains The Un-Tame


Next we bow down to the person

Whose work is full of passion

Was a Director with the government

Of Mizoram, and after her retirement

Worked for betterment of women’s life

By giving rights to ‘The Mizo Wife’

She was recognized to a great degree

When she was awarded the Padmashree

Sangkhumi Bualchhuak she is called

Her ideals will live never get auld


Next we have in our list

This girl from gymnastic

Sports is her passion

Which took her to high distinction

Represented the country

And won some great victory

Fetched her the Arjuna award

Which was one of her biggest reward

She skill is an enigma

She is Kalpana Debnath from Tripura


The one we have next

Is a worrier at her best

Another name for bravery

Gives no chance for recovery

To the antisocial and criminal

Hunts and sends them to their funeral

Assam is where she is from

Wearing her police uniform

Sanjukata Parasar is her name

And fighting is her game


She makes us proud

From the land of cloud

Encouraging women’s rights

Gender discrimination is what she fights

Her words makes strong sense

Which are  for women’s defense

Her contributions in the society

Fetched her the award Padmashree

Theilin Phanbuh is from Meghalaya

So this is for her, our Kumabaya


The great soul we talk about now

Her work makes us say ‘wow’

She works for people in need

Giving them a new life indeed

HDFS is what she formed

Also a member of PWAG the renowned

Padmashree, Real hero award and many more

She received them for her work so pure

Keepu Tsering Lepcha is from Sikkim

We show our respect through this poem


If you visit Mithila rail station, you will be stunned

With the amazing art in the walls all around

Showing the traditional art of Madhubani

See Also

Not just an art but also a story

Forgotten mostly by the country

Was erased from present and left in history

The rail station was nasty, was once

No longer now, no way by no chance

Revived by Manisha Jha and her team

So this lady from Bihar is in our hall of fame


Next we have a musical performer

Who is a singer, and a composer

Her songs keep playing in your ears

Releases us from anxiety and fears

An engineering graduate and a MBA

She lives her life in her own way

A blend of rock, blues and traditional tunes

She enchants us from the musical communes

Belongs to Odissa, the land of Chaitee Ghonda

She is none other than Sona Mohapatra


Gudkayan Dahoto is a play

Made by her to display

Witchcraft is a vicious superstition

She finally succeeded in her mission

When terming ‘dayan’ is made illegal

A decision which was critical

Saving innocent women from lynching

This is her story and her fighting

Meet Poonam Toppo from Jharkhand

We bow to her for her work profound


Business and a Bengali? That to a woman

Bit of a oxymoron , that what is often spoken

Breaking that notion is our next person

Who changed this perception with her occupation

Started an ecommerce platform

Where brands and styling professionals gets one platform

An entrepreneur of today

Styling the world of this day

Meet Gargi Banerjee Kaul

The young entrepreneur from Bengal


The ones we missed out

Unintentionally, no doubt

We shall sing for them

As more will come often

From the twelve of the east

We shall bring them to you as a fest

That is our resolution

As our little contribution

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