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RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself

RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself

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RISE UP by Sumit Bhatt

Explore the transformative journey of personal and professional development with Sumit Bhatt’s “RISE UP.” This book, unveiled at the Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata, is a comprehensive guide filled with insights, real stories, and practical advice to empower individuals on their path to a stronger and more fulfilling life.

Kolkata, 20th November 2023: In a remarkable event held at the Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata, the unveiling of “RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself” marked a significant moment for individuals seeking personal and professional development. Authored by Sumit Bhatt, a distinguished business management professional, entrepreneur, and compassionate human being, the book offers a comprehensive guide to empower readers on their journey towards a stronger and more fulfilling life.

The launch event was graced by eminent personalities, including Ms. Melinda Pavek, US Consul General, East; Ms. Saira Shah Hakim, Author, Educator, and Activist; Mr. Prasenjit Saha, Founder & Head of Madame Cakes; Mr. Imran Zaki, President of FACES; Mr. Alok Goyal, Managing Director of BDG Group; and Mr. Pawan Patodia, Principal Owner of Kolkata Thunderbolts, among others.

The Book launch of RISE UP by Sumit Bhatt

“RISE UP” unfolds its wisdom across 16 chapters, each addressing different aspects of personal growth and resilience. The book begins by instilling the belief that individuals can confront and overcome any challenge. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating a positive attitude, fostering a mindset of continuous learning and improvement, and eliminating self-limiting beliefs.

A key theme in the book is the exploration of one’s purpose in life. Readers are guided to identify their passions, set goals aligned with their beliefs, and build inner strength while maintaining positive relationships with others. The significance of friendships and a support network is underscored, emphasizing the role of collaboration in personal development.

The book advocates for hard work, discipline, and the ability to view setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth. Celebrating successes is encouraged, with the understanding that achievements are milestones in the journey toward personal excellence. “RISE UP” inspires readers to not only navigate changes with courage but also to be agents of inspiration for others.

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Sumit Bhatt signing his book RISE UPSumit Bhatt’s narrative extends to the importance of maintaining calmness, effective communication, creativity, and a sense of gratitude and happiness. The book provides real stories and practical ideas to assist individuals in both their personal and professional lives. It serves as a motivational tool, urging readers to lift themselves up and face life’s challenges with resilience and a positive outlook.

About the author, Sumit Bhatt, an alumnus of the prestigious IIM Calcutta, is depicted as an enthusiastic business management professional with a proven track record in leadership. His passion for making the world a better place shines through in his commitment to learning and helping others. With a wealth of experience in managing large enterprises, Bhatt brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to “RISE UP.”

In conclusion, “RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself” stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering readers a roadmap to personal and professional growth. Sumit Bhatt’s insights, coupled with real stories and practical advice, make this guidebook a valuable resource for those seeking to overcome challenges and elevate themselves to new heights in life.

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