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Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta

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Calcutta - Victoria Memorial
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This photo story by Aditi Kar was clicked during her recent visit to the city of Calcutta. We share the pictures along with a poem written by Somashis Gupta.


A trip to Calcutta was planned for a family occasion. I went out clicking some pictures of the city once the event was over. So here I share Oh! Calcutta.

Amidst the bustling streets and vibrant hues,

Stands Calcutta, adorned with history and views,

A city that never sleeps, full of life and zest,

Where time flows slowly, with moments of rest.

At the heart of this city, a statue stands tall,

Of a man, standing proud and tall,

As I stroll down the lanes, I behold the Howrah Bridge,

An engineering marvel, a sight to behold and cherish,

Connecting the banks of the Hooghly with grace,

It’s a symbol of unity, standing strong in its place.

Beyond the bridge, Vidyasagar Setu welcomes me,

Another architectural marvel, an engineering spree,

A symbol of modernity, with its sleek design and charm,

It’s a bridge that connects, and keeps us safe from harm.

Down by the river, the boats sail by,

Their gentle motion a treat to the eye,

On the holy Ganges, they glide with ease,

A sight that fills the heart, and brings a sense of peace.

The Victoria Memorial stands tall and grand,

A symbol of the British Raj, that once spanned,

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Its beauty and grandeur, a reflection of the past,

A reminder of the heritage, that forever shall last.

As the sun sets, and the evening draws near,

The light and shadow, they dance without fear,

On the river Ganges, they cast a spell,

A sight that fills the heart, and leaves me under its spell.

Oh, Calcutta, your beauty is beyond compare,

Your charm and history, something we must all share,

With every step, you enchant and delight,

A city that forever, shall remain a sight.

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